1. Where is Mt. Makalu located?

Mt. Makalu (8485m), is located in the southeast of Mt. Everest on the border between Nepal and Tibet. It is the world’s fifth highest mountain in the world. 

2. Can we trek the Makalu Base Camp Trek solo? 

Yes, you can do the Makalu trek without a guide or solo. But, you have to care about your food and accommodation. Due to lack of trekking route mark or signboard, you may find difficult to track the trail. Also, you will find less traveler trekking to Makalu. 

Sometimes the weather may go against our plan, in that situation it may hard to cope-up with. Hence, it’s better to trek with one of your friend or colleagues or experience trekking guide. It will help to make a trip successful.   

3. How difficult is Makalu Base Camp Trek? 

Makalu Base Camp Trek is a strenuous or difficult trek. If you have trekked to above 4000m and physically fit then you can succeed the trek. 

You need to walk for 5-6 hours on an average per day. The trail consists of crossing numerous rivers, suspension bridge, wooden cantilever bridge, stone stairs, dense forests, sudden change of altitude and weather. 

If you think, you can overcome all those difficulties and start adventurous trekking in Nepal then Makalu Base Camp Trek is made for you.  

4. What is the maximum altitude that we can reach in Makalu Base Camp Trek?  

The maximum altitude that you can reach in Makalu Trek is Makalu Base Camp (5000m). 

5. How is transportation from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar start point?  

You can reach the Tumlingtar – the starting point of Makalu Base Camp Trek via two modes of transportation. One is by taking flight from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar, which is of 45-minutes flight.

The second option is to go with a local bus or private jeep which is of 500KM far from the city – Kathmandu. Total driving hours is 12 hours. 

6. Is Makalu Base Camp Trek camping or teahouse? 

Makalu Base Camp trek can be organized as both camping and teahouse for accommodation. It also depends on your group size. 

If you are planning with a group size of 1-5 person, then basic teahouse will suitable in terms of cost. But, for big group size (more than 5 people), then camping will be the best options.

7. What kind of food can be found in Makalu Base Camp Trek? 

You can find the fresh basic local food Nepali Dhal Bhat, Noodles, Fry rice, and Potatoes. You can bring the snacks yourself because it will be very expensive to buy on trekking routes. 

Important Tips: Don’t forget to bring tablets or filter to save the drinking water cost. You can also refill the safe drinking water (private expenses) from every teahouse situated in the Makalu region. 

8. What sort of trekking clothing and equipment do we need for Makalu Base Camp Trek?

We have listed the trekking clothing and equipment you need for Manaslu Circuit Trek. Find here! 

9. Can we customize the Makalu Base Camp Trek itinerary?  

Absolutely Yes! you can customize the Makalu Base Camp Trek itinerary according to your available duration, cost, and group size. Kindly, contact us to custom design the itinerary.