“Bringing Local Travel Guides Together to Design Amazing Trips for You.”

As we came up with an idea of establishing a travel company, our team members came up with different names. Everyone came up with unique names and ideas. However, it still felt like the “exciting factor” was missing.

In between the meeting,  “Mount Mania” came with a loud voice from amongst the team members. And from then we started calling our company with the name Mount Mania: where Mount means ‘majestic Himalayas’ and Mania means ‘excitement’.

Mount Mania, as the name implies is a wonderful partner to go with on exciting treks and trips in the Himalayas. We are a bunch of enthusiasts, experienced and independent trekkers, guides, and other team leaders with a common motive of promoting ultimate outdoor adventures in Nepal.

Working together with the trekking guides and porters of the local level, we intend to bring economic development in the community, society, and the whole nation. We encourage and support sustainable development and hence plan and organize trips and tours based on the principle of responsible tourism.

We take you through the authentic villages in Nepal to experience the lifestyles of Himalayan civilizations. With us, you can enjoy fascinating cultures, traditions, and festivals, and experience warm hospitality in the villages.

We wholeheartedly welcome those who are willing to witness and experience the wonders and thrills in Nepal. We assure you safe treks and tours to the most unique landscapes on Earth.

Ranging from the plains of the Terai, we will help you stand over the peak of mesmerizing Himalayas. Come, travel through the highlands to lowlands discovering the hidden valleys, crossing the high mountain passes with us.

We are a reliable as well as professional trekking company based in Nepal. We are officially registered under the Nepal Government, Nepal Tourism Board and Trekking Agencies Associations of Nepal (TAAN) and Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). We are located in Kathmandu. You can easily contact us at our office when you arrive in Kathmandu.  

How We Plan The Trip?

Before we plan a trip, we take advice from our local travel experts. We arrange for all the necessary travelers' requirements. Based on that, we assemble a team member with experienced local travel guides (Chinese, French, Spanish, and other languages) and porters. We plan amazing trips with the help of all reliable sources. We have established good relations with our local travel experts who share their personal trekking experiences with us.

Note: We cater to all age groups. We are experienced and comfortable with organizing a trip with disabilities. Please contact us if you have any personal dietary needs. We can customize the trips with special foods for you.

Our Relations With Local Guide & Porter

Mount Mania stands tall over the base of hard-work, commitment, and great performance for the success of the company. The local guides, porters, and other trekking team members are an integral part of Mount Mania’s success. Thus, we encourage local guides and porter to participate in leadership training, environment conservation training, marathon and other recreational activities. We also provide them with adequate sources for their safety concerns.

Let us be your assistant. On your glorious visit to Nepal, we will offer you a full package of fun and thrills.

  • Our Mission and Values

We have credence, “Guest is God”. We pledge to provide executive services to our clients. Dedicating all our professional experiences, we work to benefit our customers. We have our unique ways of valuing their concepts and demands. We value your time. Thus, Mount Mania aims to provide you with things you want, and the way you want it.

  • Betterment of the Company

We clearly state and promote our values of holding all our team members together for the betterment of our company. We take concern of all our team members like a family does. We fully insure the safety of our outdoor staff as well.

  • Safety Concerns of Our Staff

We provide them with adequate trekking gear. We make sure that they are well equipped. Also, Mount Mania has attractive salary packages for the local guides, porters, and other trekking teams. Even when there is no work available during the off trekking seasons, we provide them with rational wages.

  • Sustainable Commitments and Great Performance

We are always wiser in making sustainable decisions when it comes to some potential disagreement or conflict within or outside the company. Through many years of hard work and togetherness, we have brought up a company that stands tall over the base of harmony, commitment, and great performance.

  • Promoting Stress-Free Tourism

We promote stress-free tourism. We believe in delivering outstanding services to our customers prioritizing their comfort and safety in the first place. During the trip, we make sure everything runs smoothly. Our trained trekking professionals will guide you in any kind of emergencies.