Trip Details

  • Destination: Nepal
  • Trip Difficulty: Moderate
  • Trip Style: Trekking and Tour
  • Transport: Tourist Bus & Flight
  • Food: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Accommodation: Pokhara Hotel & Teahouse
  • Group Size: 16
  • Max Elevation: Lo Manthang (3800m)


  • A scenic flight from Pokhara to Jomsom and back.
  • Visit the deepest gorge in the world- Kali Gandaki Gorge
  • Enjoy views of the towering Annapurna and Dhaulagiri range
  • Visit the centuries-old kingdom of Lo Manthang 
  • Explore the various monasteries of the Mustang region
  • Cross mountain passes along the way
  • Visit the king’s palace in Lo Manthang


The Upper Mustang Trek by Mount Mania trek takes you to a culturally, historically, and the geographically unique kingdom of Mustang. Mustang is also referred to as Lo. Lo was a part of the Tibetan empire in the past. So, the culture, language, and geography of this region are pretty similar to that of Tibet. 
Foreign tourists started to trek to Upper Mustang only after 1992. So it has remained isolated from the outside world for a long period of time. Therefore, Upper Mustang has preserved its Tibetan culture. 
The geography of the Mustang is also unique too. It lies in the shadow of the Dhaulagiri range. As a result, this region is quite dry. So the landscape of this region is also quite dry. You can see rugged, barren rocky landscapes. You can also visit canyons along the way. 
The Upper Mustang trek by Mount Mania starts from Kagbeni. You can take a flight/ bus to Pokhara first and then take a scenic flight from Pokhara to Jomsom. The flight from Pokhara to Jomsom flies over the Kali Gandaki gorge, which is the deepest gorge in the world. 
From Kagbeni, the trail follows the ancient trail which people of Mustang in the past used to trade between lower regions and Tibet. After trekking for 5 days, you will reach the ancient kingdom of Lo Manthang. 
When you enter Lo Manthang, you will get a feeling of stepping in a different world altogether. Lo Manthang is home to various alleys, chortens, wonderful prayer wheels, and different animals. One of the most wonderful places to visit in the Upper Mustang region is the royal palace where the king and queen of Mustang still reside. 
You can also visit the Thugchen Gompa in Upper Mustang. The history of this monastery dates back to the 15th century. You can also go to the various sky caves in this region that are really thrilling. You can also visit the Amchi museum and Amchi school while exploring Lo Manthang. 
Along with the various villages during the trek, you can also enjoy towering views of the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna range along the way. You can see 35 mountains that are over 6000 meters during your trek to Upper Mustang. 
After the exploration of Lo Manthang, you will trek through various villages like Drakmar, Ghiling, and Chhuksang before reaching Jomsom for your flight to Pokhara. You can also explore the wonderful valleys of Pokhara and Kathmandu on this trip.
Mount Mania invites you to this unique trek to Upper Mustang that takes you to fascinating landscape, centuries-old culture and delightful views of the mountains in Upper Mustang. 


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After breakfast in the hotel you are staying in, you will get ready for your sightseeing tour in Kathmandu Valley. The sightseeing tour includes the visit to UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu valley. A professional licensed guide will accompany in your tour.

Kathmandu Durbar Square:

The Nepalese term “Durbar” translates literally as a palace. The Kathmandu Durbar Square served as a palace for Malla and Shah kings of Nepal. The history of this palace dates back to the 3rd century. The biggest attractions in Kathmandu Durbar Square are Kasthamandap, Trailokya Mohan Narayan Temple, Taleju temple, Basantpur tower, Mahadev temple, Shiva Parvati temple, Bhagwati temple, Krishna octangular temple, and Kal Bhairav.


Swayambhunath stupa is also known as "Monkey Temple". It lies at the top of a hill, which overlooks the Kathmandu valley. Many people believe that Swayambhu was born out of a lotus, which bloomed in the middle of a lake. The lake spread across the Kathmandu Valley. The temple dedicated to Goddess Harati. Some of the major attractions of this stupa are the huge gold plated Vajra ‘thunderbolt’ set in the east side of the stupa, a Buddha statue on the west side of Swayambhu, and the Sleeping Buddha

Pashupatinath Temple

Pashupatinath temple is a temple which popular for its devotion to Lord Shiva. It was built in the 5th century. According to a legend, the temple has existed from the beginning of the millennium. Pashupati is the largest temple complex in Nepal. The main temple of Pashupatinath has pagoda style of architecture with a gilded roof.

Boudhanath Stupa

Boudhanath stupa lies 8 km east of Kathmandu. The stupa is 36-meter-high. It is of the largest stupas in South Asia. There are plenty of monasteries that surround Boudhanath stupa. Boudhanath stupa has the shape of a mandala. It replicates the Gyangtse of Tibet. 

  • Place: Kathmandu
  • Altitude: 1320m

After breakfast, you will leave your hotel early morning for a drive with scenic views along the road to Pokhara via Prithivi national highway. Along the highway, you can see the Marsyangdi and Trishuli River. After a drive of 6-7 hrs, you will reach Pokhara (820 meters). An alternative way to reach Pokhara is by taking a flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara for 35 minutes. This flight will be quite scenic as you can catch your first views of the Annapurna range. If you have some time, you can also explore the beautiful city of Pokhara. 

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Accommodation: Hotel
  • Place: Pokhara
  • Altitude: 820m

After an early breakfast in your hotel in Pokhara, you will take a 20-minute flight to Jomsom. The flight takes you over the world’s deepest gorge- Kali Gandaki Gorge. The gorge is set near Kali Gandaki river. Two towering Himalayan ranges of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna form the Kali Gandaki Gorge. In Jomsom, you will meet your guide and head out to Kagbeni.

Jomsom is a large town and a major village in the Kali Gandaki valley. It is also the administrative headquarters of the Mustang region. The trail from Jomsom meanders up the broad Kali Gandaki riverbed. The routes are deserts with sand and rock through the surrounding peaks i.e. Dhaulagiri (8167m), Tukuche Peak (6920m), Nilgiri, and Annapurna Ranges. After trekking for a couple of hours, you will reach Eklai Bhatti. The Nepalese word “Ekal Bhatti” means a lonely teahouse.

Another hour’s walk from Eklai Bhatti leads you to Kagbeni. Kagbeni is a beautiful village of traders resident who has been a link in the supply of foods & essentials between Mustang and the land of Lo-Manthang & the rest of Nepal. As you arrive Kagbeni from the south, you can catch wonderful views of the Nilgiri mountain. Kagbeni is the gateway to Upper Mustang. It is a Buddhist village with Bön influences. The trek from Jomsom to Kagbeni (2800 meters) is 3-4 hours long. 

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Teahouse / Lodge
  • Place: Kagbeni
  • Altitude: 2800m

After having breakfast, you will continue your trek towards the east bank of the Kali Gandaki. You will first cross the Police and ACAP checkpoint. Along the way, you will climb numerous ridges. The first of the village along the way is Tangbe village. Tangbe has whitewashed houses along with buckwheat, barley, wheat and apple fields.

From there, you will hike to Chhusang village for 2 hours. From here, you will cross the dwindling Kali Gandaki. After crossing the Kali Gandaki Valley, you will trek uphill to Chele (3050 meters). The duration of today's trek is 5-6 hours. The inhabitants of Chele follow the Manangi culture.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Teahouse / Lodge
  • Place: Chele
  • Altitude: 3050m

The initial part of today’s trek takes you along a steep barren land. You will trek alongside the copper red canyon. You will have to make a gradual descent to some Stupas (Chortens) on a ridge. After hiking downhill for some time, you will get to a beautiful beautiful village called Samar.

From Samar, descend into a giant gorge after climbing a ridge. After trekking through another valley, fields, cross a stream, you will reach a ridge which lies at 3,800m. You will cross another pass, trek past another ridge before going downhill to Syangbochen (3475 meters). It will take you 6-7 hours to get to Syangbochen from Chele. 

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Teahouse / Lodge
  • Place: Syangbochen
  • Altitude: 3475m

You will start the trek from Syangbochen to Ghami(3520 meters) after having breakfast. The trek is 5-6 hours long. You will first hike an uphill to get to a pass at 3,770. After crossing the pass, you will trek downhill to Gheling village. From Gheling, you will trek uphill as you cross fields to the center of the valley.

Then you will climb a tough terrain before getting to Nyi La pass (3,840m). From there, you will trek downhill for half an hour before you reach a trail junction. The trail to the right takes you to Charang. You will take the left one as it will lead you to Ghami (3520 meters). Today’s trek is 5-6 hours long. It is a village of clustered whitewashed mud and stone houses canopied by an overhanging cliff. 

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Teahouse / Lodge
  • Place: Ghami
  • Altitude: 3520m

You will head out to Tsarang (3600 meters) on a 5-6 hour trekking journey today. You will trek to the vastly dry part of Mustang today. As you will walk on rough terrain, you might find the trek quite challenging today. However, on reaching the destination, you will get splendid views of the remote countryside as well as panoramic views of the rocky mountains.

Tsarang is a large village at the top of the Tsarang Chu Canyon. You can see a big fort of the medieval times to the east of the village. Tsarang village is also home to red Gompas that have a delightful collection of statues and thangkas. 

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Teahouse / Lodge
  • Place: Tsarang
  • Altitude: 3600m

After having a hot breakfast, you will embark on your trek to one of the major attraction centers of this Trek – Lo Manthang. Lo Manthang was the walled capital of the Kingdom of Lo. The history of this town dates back to 1380. On your way to Lo Manthang, you will trek through Lo-Gekar. It is the oldest Gompa in Nepal and older than the Samye Gompa of the Tibet.

The trail from Lo-Gekar to Lo Manthang is moderately easy. Today’s trek is 3-4 hours long. On reaching the walled city of Lo, you can visit the ancient temples and monasteries of the region. You can also visit the periphery of the king’s impressive palace. The king and queen of Lo Manthang still reside in this palace. You can also explore this place in the back of a horse. 

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Teahouse / Lodge
  • Place: Lo Manthang
  • Altitude: 3800m

Today you will explore the mystical town of Lo Manthang. You will hike for 2 hours to reach visit the Namgyal Gompa. This beautiful Gompa lies on a hilltop. This monastery holds a high social, religious as well as legal importance. It also serves as a local courthouse. From Namgyal Monastery, you will visit the village of Tingkhar. It lies to the northwest of Lo Manthang and consists of around 40 households. You will also visit Champa Lhakang, which consists of a large Buddha statue. It also has very detailed Mandalas painted on the walls. After the exploration of Lo Manthang, you will get back to your teahouse in Lo Manthang. 

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Teahouse / Lodge
  • Place: Lo Manthang
  • Altitude: 3800m

Instead of following the trail south to Tsarang, you will turn southwest. This trail is an indistinct one. It passes the irrigated fields of the city before reaching Lo Gekar. After Lo Gekar, the trail climbs steeply to Chogo La pass (4325m), the highest point on this trek. This pass will be the last vantage point to see Lo Manthang.

The trail then descends to a stream before you reach Ghar Gompa. It is an ancient monastery that is more than 1200 years old. You can also meet the Guru Rimpoche. Ghar Gompa is famous for its rock paintings. Legend has it that anyone who makes a wish at Ghar Gompa has its wishes come true. From Ghar Gompa, the trail climbs to a ridge. Trekking further, you will cross some alpine meadows before reaching a crest and dropping down a steep eroded gully overshadowed by red rock towers. Eventually, after a trek of 6-7 hours, you will reach Drakmar (3800 meters).

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Teahouse / Lodge
  • Place: Drakmar
  • Altitude: 3800m

After having a hot breakfast, you will start a 5-6 hour trek to Ghiling (3806 meters). The trail passes through a dry plateau and fields. You will also experience strong winds on your way to Ghiling. This can make your trek a bit difficult. Ghiling is quite a dry settlement. Ghiling offers the best views of Dhaulagiri and Nilgiri mountains. If you want, you can also take a tour of the village in the evening time. 

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Teahouse / Lodge
  • Place: Ghiling
  • Altitude: 3806m

You will start your trek to Chhuksang (3050 meters) after breakfast. The trek will be 5-6 hours long. We walk on the same trail as before going up to Lo Manthang. On the way to Chhuksang, you enjoy amazing views of the Himalayas. You will cross small villages en route to Chhuksang, where you will spend your night at a teahouse.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Teahouse / Lodge
  • Place: Chhuksang
  • Altitude: 3050m

Today, you will walk down to the southern border of the Mustang region to Kagbeni. You will trek downhill through an old salt trade route. You can also visit a stupa, monasteries, and chortens (Buddhist shrine) along the trail. After trekking for a couple of hours, you will reach Kagbeni, where you will have lunch.

From Kagbeni, you will head to Jomsom following the Kali Gandaki River Bank. The trek takes place an easy and flat road. You will continue trekking downhill on a stony path facing Tukuche, Dhaulagiri, and Nilgiri. After trekking for 6-7 hours, you will reach Jomsom (2700 meters).

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Teahouse / Lodge
  • Place: Jomsom
  • Altitude: 2700m

After breakfast, you will take an early morning 25- minute flight to Pokhara. The airplane passes through the Kali Gandaki gorge between Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountains. The flight is quite scenic as you can catch views of both of these mountain ranges. After arriving in Pokhara, you can spend the rest of the day sightseeing around Fewa Lake. You also have the option of cycling to explore Pokhara. Pokhara is also home to some wonderful caves which you can explore. 

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Accommodation: Hotel
  • Place: Pokhara
  • Altitude: 820m

After early breakfast at a hotel in Pokhara, you will check-out from the hotel. You will then head out to the Tourist Bus Park in Pokhara to catch your tourist bus. The bus leaves at 7 AM in the morning, The bus ride will take you past small towns on the way. You will also get to see rural settlements, gushing rivers, terraces, and green rural landscapes. After 6 hours drive, you will arrive in Kathmandu and transfer to your hotel. One of the Mount Mania representatives will invite you to attend a farewell dinner with a cultural show in the evening. After dinner, we will drop to your hotel.

  • Place: Kathmandu
  • Altitude: 1320m

What to Expect

  • Airport Pickup and Drop
  • Teahouse accommodation during the trek
  • Three meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) during the trek
  • Round Trip Tourist Bus Ticket (Kathmandu and Pokhara)
  • Round Trip Flight Ticket (Pokhara and Jomsom)
  • Hotel in Pokhara with Breakfast (Twin Sharing)
  • English Speaking Trekking Guide with Insurance, Transportation, Food and Accommodation
  • All Trekking Permits (ACAP and Upper Mustang Special Permit)
  • Daily seasonal fresh fruits after dinner 
  • A first aid kit carried by the guide (Oximeter to measure your oxygen and pulse in high altitude) 
  • All Government and Local taxes
  • International Flight Ticket and Nepalese Visa Fee
  • Hotel & Meals in Kathmandu
  • Extra Baggage Charges
  • Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu in case of early arrival, late departure, and early return from the trek (due to any reason) than the scheduled itinerary
  • Personal expenses (Wifi, Phone calls, Laundry, Bar bills, Battery Recharge, Water, Shower, and Tea / Coffee)
  • Other costs not mentioned in 'Cost Includes' section
  • Travel and Rescue Insurance
  • Tips for Guides, Porters, and Drivers

Useful Information

Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty

There are various factors like length, state of trekking trails, altitude, etc. which determine the difficulty of any trek.

Although the trip is 17 days long, you will only trek for 11 days. You will spend other days sightseeing or catching a flight/ bus to various destinations.  You will trek for an average of 5 hours a day in the Upper Mustang trek. 

The trekking trails to Upper Mustang are quite well-managed. Most of them are well-defined. The altitude of the teahouses you will stay in the Upper Mustang trek is less than 3800 meters. 

Taking all these factors into consideration, the Upper Mustang trek is a moderately difficult trek. Make sure that you exercise for a few months prior to coming to this trek. 

Best Time for Upper Mustang Trek

Mustang is one of the driest parts of the country. So unlike many other trekking destinations in Neal which are quite wet in the monsoon, the Upper Mustang region is quite dry in the summer season. 

So there are 3 major trekking seasons to Upper Mustang- autumn (September. October, and November), spring (March, April, and May), and summer (June, July, and August). Any time in these seasons will be the best time for the Upper Mustang trek.

Besides, you can also complete the Upper Mustang Trek in the winters. As the trek takes you to an altitude of over 4000 meters, you have to be wary of the cold in the winters. So you should pack properly before coming for the winter trek to Upper Mustang.