Taking a Helicopter Tour in Nepal is a quick way to Explore the Himalayas, Green hills and enjoy Natural beauty. Heli ride is recommended to all travelers of any age who have less-time for the trip to Nepal. It is an opportunity for less physical fit tourists who can be at the Mountains in a short time and toss out multi-day outdoor activities. 

Helicopter ride can be your perfect decision as it makes your dream of being in the mountain come true in a short time. The major attractions of Helicopter Tour are viewing Mountains, Glaciers, Lust Green Forest, Lakes, and many other natural charms in a single day delight scenic flight. You can plan the helicopter or chopper ride for Weeding, Cultural tour, City tour, Birthday Celebration, Pilgrimage Tour, Explore Mountain and its Base Camp. 

In terms of the flyover package in Nepal, you have multiple options to choose from Kathmandu valley, Barun Valley, Chitwan Valley, Pokhara Valley, and Marshyanhdi Valley. It is an opportunity to travel Nepal in absolute luxury without the hassle of long day treks.

Nepal Helicopter Tour Cost 

The cost of the Helicopter tour depends on mainly two things, types of flights, the total number of persons and the layover. You can choose among Popular Helicopter Tours in Nepal mentioned below. 

Everest Helicopter Price

Make your dream come true to be at the base camp of Mount Everest. Starting from USD 950 per person, you can take a scenic ride to Everest Helicopter Tour. From the capital city; Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp (5,380m), enjoy a bird’s eye view of the majestic mountains. Following is the group price or cost for Everest Helicopter Ride: 

No. of PeopleCost Per Person
1USD 4000
2USD 2200
3USD 1500
4USD 1150
5USD 950

Annapurna Helicopter Price

Thrilling helicopter ride to the base of the world’s tenth highest mountain, Annapurna I (8,091 m). Annapurna Helicopter Tour Cost ranges from USD 950 to USD 1700 Per Person. Check the group price below:

No. of PeopleCost Per Person
1USD 1700
2USD 900
3USD 600
4USD 425
5USD 350

Muktinath Helicopter Price

Visit the holy shrine of Muktinath from Kathmandu and Pokhara on a delight helicopter flight. Find the Muktinath Helicopter Tour cost below: 

Muktinath Helicopter Tour Cost From Kathmandu 

No. of PeopleCost Per Person
1USD 4550
2USD 2300
3USD 1500
4USD 1150
5USD 999

Muktinath Helicopter Tour Cost From Pokhara 

No. of PeopleCost Per Person
1USD 2500
2USD 1300
3USD 900
4USD 675
5USD 550

Langtang Helicopter Price

Take an amazing helicopter ride to the sacred alpine lake of Gosaikunda and the appealing valley of Langtang. The Langtang helicopter tour cost according to the number of passengers is as follows: 

No. of PeopleCost Per Person
1USD 2000
2USD 1050
3USD 700
4USD 600
5USD 500