Trekking in Nepal is one of the best adventurous activities you can achieve. But, have you ever thought of the possibilities of Peak climbing in Nepal?

Peak climbing in Nepal is an exhilarating sport that takes you to the beautiful high Himalayas of the country. Most of such Himalayas are above the height of 6000 meters. Trekking peaks not only give you a chance to conquer the Himalayan summit but also give you an authentic taste of Himalayan wilderness.

Some of the most popular peak climbings are Island Peak, Mera Peak, Lobuche Peak, Pisang Peak, Chulu East, Chulu West, Yala Peak Climbing, Naya Peak climbing, etc.

Peak Climbing in Nepal offers climbers with an adventurous climbing experience for both experienced as well as beginner climbers. Some Climbing requires technical climbing skills and physical strength in order to conquer the mountains successfully.

Our climbing experts and guides from Mount Mania will provide you with proper knowledge regarding the use of ice axes, ropes, crampons, hammer, etc before the actual climb begins. They provide you with appropriate training before you ascend to the summit of the mountain. Our peak climbing itinerary comes with enough acclimatization and rest days which will help trekkers to adjust in the environment.  

Climbing to some of the tallest peaks are definitely going to be challenging. But, have you thought of the overwhelming feeling you will get when conquering the top of the summit? The views from the top will reward you with some of the stunning peaks, glaciers, lakes, icefalls, captivating villages, and many more. You will be proud of yourself!

So, if you really have that guts and ready to push your limits, Peak climbing in Nepal will serve you the best. Book your trip today with Mount Mania to explore the beautiful Himalayas of Nepal. Our professional guides and climbing experts will make your trip comfortable and memorable.