Trip Details

  • Destination: Nepal
  • Trip Difficulty: Technical Challenging
  • Trip Style: Trekking and Climbing
  • Transport: Private Vehicle
  • Food: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Accommodation: Lodge & Camping
  • Group Size: 16
  • Max Elevation: 7140m


  • Serene backdrop with a mesmerizing view of snow-capped mountains 
  • Living under the shade of Himlung Himal for about a month 
  • Introduction to diverse culture and people in the Himalayas 
  • Quiet trek routes passing through stone monolith and waterfalls 
  • Incredible wildlife and vegetation in the forest 
  • Warm-hearted locals who treat the guest as god 


Trekking and Peak Climbing in Nepal is undeniably the greatest pleasure and joy for any hiker in the world. It’s unlike anything elsewhere with unspoiled classic trails, stunning landforms, and remote settlements. You can observe an identical scenic vista with glistening mountain ranges from the top of the mountain peaks. 

The Himalayas symbolizes trekker’s nirvana with a series of mountains accessible for a trek. One such gem is Himlung Himal, more often acknowledged as Nemjung. The Himlung expedition is one of the lesser-known adventures, waiting for its share of recognition. 

It is located in the Northwest region of central Nepal, at an elevation of 7,140 meters. The peak itself rests above a Tibetan village, known as Phu. People from different ethnic backgrounds, including the Sherpa and Gurung community, reside here. 

Himlung expedition is the most complete and exciting mountain trek for thrill-seekers. Split into low and high routes, climbers will get to explore rich vegetation, wildlife, and dazzling landscapes in high mountain regions. 

Every scale above the lower hills brings new challenges and more breathtaking views. Himlung Expedition kicks off with a full day city tour of Kathmandu and a short drive to Bhulbhule. 

From Bhulbhule, we pass several villages, cross suspension bridges and walk through rising stone stairs to arrive at Tal. We then follow the trail on the west bank of the river and proceed to Dharapani. 

Over the course of time, we'll traverse through forest and ascend stone huts in Sighing to arrive at Kyang. After almost a week of trekking, we’ll reach Phu where you can find a dry-stone wall that is proclaimed to be as old as 800 years. 

At Himlung Base Camp, we’ll make all the needed preparations to summit Himlung. Following the instructions of guide and pro mountaineers, we’ll make a steady move towards the peak. For altitude acclimatization, we’ll spend a few days, ascending and descending the trails before attaining the highest point. 

From there we’ll follow the same trail as before and climb down to Koto. Finally, we’ll take a two-day drive to and from Besisahar and roll up to Kathmandu. 

30 Days Himlung Himal Expedition Itinerary

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As proposed, our officials will receive you at Tribhuvan International Airport on this day. They will wait for you at the arrivals before the scheduled time and help you with all the formalities. Next, they’ll ride you to one of the city’s hotels where you can relax all day long. You will stay overnight at the hotel.

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Accommodation: Hotel
  • Altitude: 1320m

There really is no better way to learn about Nepal than sightseeing Kathmandu. It is vivacious and full of historic and spiritual places. Therefore, on the second day of the Himlung expedition, we’ll take you on a tour to some of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in Nepal.

Kicking off the day with a short trip to Hindu’s holiest temple Pashupatinath, we’ll head to Boudha Stupa. To take you back to Nepalese history, we’ll go through a couple of durbar squares. Here, you’ve to walk through narrow lanes, pass courtyard, and impressive temples and statues that are carved beautifully. 

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Accommodation: Hotel
  • Altitude: 1320m

After a terrific day at Kathmandu city, we’ll advance the trek to Himlung today and drive up to Bhulbhule. The journey to this small village is relatively long and hectic so we recommend you to have breakfast before getting underway.

As we start the trip, flashes of unique landscapes, lush green forests, and pastures will walk off your eyes. Driving off the Prithivi Highway, you’ll come upon a bunch of remote villages and gushing Trishuli River.

After almost 6 hours of an exhausting drive, we’ll eventually arrive at Bhulbhule. The village is strangely beautiful with a chain of hills, cascading waterfall, and ridge. On a bright sunny day, you can clearly watch a range of pristine snow peaks. Overnight in a lodge at Bhulbhule. 

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch,& Dinner
  • Accommodation: Tea House
  • Altitude: 900m

Waking up to the beautiful morning of Bhulbhule, we’ll have a hearty breakfast to start our day. As the trail to Jagat is stretched up to 16 km, we’ll leap for the trail as quickly as possible. Emerging from the village, the rocky path climbs uphill through a stone staircase to meet an old village in Bahundanda.

As we move forward from here, you’ll be able to witness the sublime beauty of the wilderness and narrow gorges. After walking steadily above the terrace field and open stairway for nearly 2 hours, we’ll successfully make it to Ghermu.

We’ll fill our stomach with some delicious meals here and continue the journey to Jagat. Taking a steep alley, we’ll pass soaring hills and sweeping rivers to get to this beautiful village. 

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch,& Dinner
  • Accommodation: Tea House
  • Altitude: 1300m

From Jagat, we have got an entire 15.8km long trek before us to reach Dharapani. Therefore, after having easy comfort food at breakfast, we’ll straight off leave for the trail. We keep walking the same route unless it doesn’t pass over the suspension bridge.

Following the river bank for some time, we’ll ascend a steep slope high up to Seattle. Walking above the valley for a short while will lead us to Tal village. This also means that we’ve officially entered the Manang district.

Along the route, we’ll encounter a spectacular waterfall falling off the ridge in Tal. From there, we’ll continue trekking and come across another suspension bridge, this time in lower Dharapani. A few more miles ahead to walk and we’ll arrive at Upper Dharapani. As for the night, we’ll stay at a guest house in the village.  

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch,& Dinner
  • Accommodation: Tea House
  • Altitude: 1900m

As the crisp breeze from mountain wipes all our fatigue, we will get ready to take on the trail. And this time it's Koto that we aim to arrive. The spectacular looking trail here begins from Higher Dharapani and scrambles through dense forest filled with pine and fir.

It passes Tibetan-style monasteries and villages to reach Bagarchhap from where you can peek at Manaslu and Annapurna II. The route ahead rolls through pine forest until Latamarang which lasts almost one and a half hours. After trekking for nearly 6 hours, we'll finally arrive at a small Gurung settlement called Koto. Overnight in the lodge.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch,& Dinner
  • Accommodation: Tea House
  • Altitude: 2600m

After a well-spent day at Koto, we’ll head off to Meta on day 07 of Himlung Expedition. Given its rugged and winding trail, we’ll start early hiking in an effort to reach the village on time. Going back to the trail, we’ll tram over Soti Khola and pass the checkpoint for security reasons and permit.

Heading towards Nur Phu Valley, we’ll lead a quiet trail covered with woods, go by a few settlements, and religious shrines. The trail across the small canyon rolls under a vast waterfall which is great to watch but hard to navigate. At this point, the visuals of greenwood start to get dim, and the scenic view of snow peaks clearer.

Alongside the irresistible charm of the route, we’ll mount a steep hill and cross the river to be on the other end. The 8 hours trek from atop the confluence of Nar and Marshyangdi river will ultimately bring us to Meta. Tonight we’ll stay at a lodge in Meta.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch,& Dinner
  • Accommodation: Tea House
  • Altitude: 3560m

After having breakfast at the lodge in Meta, we’ll recommence our trek. Spanning miles on a twisted stony trail, the trip to Phu is physically challenging. So, taking that into account, we’ll start slow and pick up the speed gradually.

Alongside the scenic view of hilltops, we’ll run after the trail out of Meta that winds through the cliff. After finishing walking the ridge for some time, we’ll come across the fabulous Nar Phedi Monastery. From there, we’ll walk almost one and a half hours via narrow canyons to get to the monolith. This standing stone here looks after the trail that moves ahead to Phu. 

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch,& Dinner
  • Accommodation: Tea House
  • Altitude: 4250m

Altitude sickness becomes a prime concern for trekkers after reaching Phu. Therefore, for the day 9 of Himlung expedition, we’ll take a time off from the trek and allow the body to relax before taking on the gigantic hike.

In order to acclimatize to a given temperature at Phu, we’ll go through a bunch of places at the valley. Hence to set off on the trip right away, we’ll have your breakfast in the lodge. To give a good start, we’ll visit the historic stone village of Phu which is known to be 800 years old.

We’ll also happen to see some of the famous monasteries in Phu including Choling and Samdu. To time travel prehistoric ages, step in the narrow streets of Phu Gaun layered with slate rock and limestone. After exploring all of it, if we still spare our-self some time then Tashi Monastery is the final escape. It’s somewhat far from the village so we’ll have to walk a rising hill to reach the stupa. Overnight is at a lodge in Phu. 

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch,& Dinner
  • Accommodation: Tea House
  • Altitude: 4250m

We saved the best for day 10 of Himlung Expedition and it’s the mighty base camp. The trail is a moving fete of wide barren land, soaring rocky mountains, and short trails. So, without further ado, we’ll shove off to the trail from Phu. Leading east course, we’ll ascend through a glacial valley that goes all the way to Himlung Base Camp.

Surrounded by hundreds of year-old rock mountains, we’ll set our camp on a vast deserted land. As our local crew members will put the tent and look after all the preparations, you can relish the magnetic scenery. As for the night, we’ll stay at the base camp and take a rest. 

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch,& Dinner
  • Accommodation: Tea House
  • Altitude: 4850m

Since it’s impossible to escalate the summit at once, we’ll spend the following days training and physically acclimatize ourselves. In-between the time, we’ll follow instructions of our guides and slowly ascend the mountains.

The instructors are local Sherpas living anywhere in the villages so they can be trusted with the routes. Meanwhile, they’ll do all the laborious work, by which we mean put ladders, build the anchors and escort way.

They’re also supposed to provide us a healthy diet every day throughout the expedition. With all required trekking gears in our back, we’ll lead the footmarks of Sherpa’s who’ll mentor us along the way.

They will help us overcome the sections which are technically difficult and need supervision. Our hardship will pay off once we reach the summit through a picturesque view of Manaslu and Annapurna massif. After spending the least possible time at the top, we’ll climb down the peak.

In almost two weeks on the trail to Himlung Himal, we’ll retrace our steps to the base camp on Day 25 of Himlung Expedition. Compared to previous, this time it’s quite easy walking the glaciated trail as it keeps descending.

But remember that the route is still a threat so be careful with where you place your feet while navigating the way. It takes us almost 6-7 hours to arrive at the base camp where we’ll spend the night.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch,& Dinner
  • Accommodation: Camp
  • Altitude: 7140m

After the end of another beautiful day at Base Camp, it's time for us to head back to the village. So after getting all our stuff and cleaning litter around the camp, we’ll follow the same trail that goes back to Phu Gaun.

As the walkway from base camp is downward sloping, the trek will be a lot easier today than ever. That being said, we need to maintain the balance and not let the body get too tired too fast. Going step by step, we first climb down to Phu through a rugged trail.

After reaching the village, we’ll feed our empty stomach and carry on with the journey. We’ll cross the suspension bridge in the first place, then follow a sequence of chortens and old abandoned buildings.

Our trail continues to descend and passes Kyang before crossing a section of lateral moraines. From there, we’ll get through Mruju Khola over a bridge and climb down the trail. Overlooking the rugged path is Lamjung Himal which we can glance throughout our trek. After the trek of almost 7 hours, we’ve come to our terminal station, Meta. Overnight in the lodge. 

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch,& Dinner
  • Accommodation: Tea House
  • Altitude: 3560m

Time to say goodbye to Meta and plummet 14.5 km down to Koto. The rough stony route will take us from somewhat steep land to the base of the valley. The trail doesn’t stop here and passes through Singenge’s stone hut before going down to the forest.

After tracking the route for miles, we’ll draw close to a suspension bridge over the tributary of Seti Khola. Crossing the bridge, we’ll further scale up the hills and overpass Seti river for the second time in a row. After covering a few more miles, we’ll reach a small village in Koto.

You have a chance to observe Himlung Himal once again and explore the rich history and culture of people living here. For the night, we’ll stay at a lodge in Koto.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch,& Dinner
  • Accommodation: Tea House
  • Altitude: 2600m

Another amazing day of the Himlung Expedition is over. And now it’s time to put up our seat belt and drive along the way to Besisahar. But ahead of leaving the village, we’ll celebrate the successful excursion of Himlung by having an appetizing meal.

After spending some time in the village, we’ll get on the trail for a short hike. From here, we’ll take a short drive along Prithvi Highway. The route feeds on the lush green forest, traditional Nepalese villages, and surreal landscape so we’ll have a riveting drive for almost 4-5 hours. Overnight in a guest house at Besisahar.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch,& Dinner
  • Accommodation: Tea House
  • Altitude: 760m

After having breakfast, we’ll walk-off from Besisahar and drive along the highway to Kathmandu. The route travels over a hilly road through terrace farms and forests full of pine. We can witness the shimmering Manaslu and Ganesh Himal from our jeep. In about 6-7 hours of riding from Besisahar, we’ll finally enter Kathmandu. From there, we’ll drop you straight to your hotel where you can freshen up and also have your dinner. 

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Accommodation: Hotel
  • Altitude: 1320m

Rushing through the enlivening trails of Himlung, ripping wild forest and sloppy glaciers was a life-changing experience. But now it’s time to treat yourself with some pleasurable and recreational activities.

You can spend the day in Kathmandu by visiting some more UNESCO heritage sites that remained unexplored last time. Another best way to spend the time off is to take a tour of Thamel.

Busiest of all places in Kathmandu, Thamel comes with a lot of alternatives. You can taste your favorite cuisine at a local restaurant, go shopping to collect souvenirs and watch cultural shows and folk dance. 

  • Meals: Breakfast & Dinner
  • Accommodation: Hotel
  • Altitude: 1320m

On the final day of the Himlung Expedition, our representative will drive you to the International airport. For your ease, they’ll keep checking on you and even help with the procedure. 

    What to Expect

    Cost Includes

    • All arrival and departure transfers in Kathmandu.
    • 4 Nights Hotel accommodations in Kathmandu on BB Plan.
    • Kathmandu-Besisahar-Koto-Besisahar-Kathmandu land transfers.
    • Himlung Himal expedition permit (Royalty; US$ 500 for members).
    • Government official liaison officer for Himlung Himal Expedition..
    • Annapurna conservation area entry permit and TIMS card.
    • All camping equipment in Advance Base Camp and other camps.
    • Food accommodation and guide during trekking in teahouse.
    • Food during expedition period cooked by our experienced cook.
    • Baggage allowance carrying by mules/porters up & down to BC 40/30 Kg.
    • Insurance, wages, meal and allowances for BC staffs.
    • Use of sleeping bag & Duffel bag (if you don’t have your own, To be return after trip completed)
    • Solar panels for light and battery charging in base camp.
    • First aid medical kits for the group and the staffs.
    • Walkie-talkies & satellite phone for communication ($ 5/unit for Sat-phone)
    • Individual tent in the Advance Base Camp for climbing members.
    • Office service charge and government taxes.
    • Farewell dinner & MOUNT MANIA Special Gifts.

    Cost Excludes

    • International Flight Ticket and Nepalese Visa Fee
    • Extra Baggage Charges
    • Meals in Kathmandu
    • Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu in case of early arrival, late departure, and early return from the trek (due to any reason) than the scheduled itinerary
    • Personal expenses (WiFi, Phone calls, Laundry, Bar bills, Battery Recharge, Water, Shower, and Tea / Coffee)
    • Other costs not mentioned in 'Cost Includes' section 
    • Travel and Rescue Insurance
    • Tips for Climbing Guides, Porters,Kitchen staff and Drivers


    Before departure to the trip, there will be a group meeting with the trekking guide at the office. He/She will answer all the queries that you have on your mind.

    Meeting Location: Mount Mania Treks & Expedition P. Ltd., Samarpan Marg, Banasthali, Kathmandu, Nepal

    Note: If you find difficult to come to our meeting location, send us the hotel details via email. Our guide will come to meet up with you individually. 


    Trip DatesAvailabilityPrice  
    13 Sep, 2024 - 12 Oct, 20248 Space LeftGuaranteedUS$6500
    17 Sep, 2024 - 16 Oct, 2024GuaranteedUS$6500
    18 Sep, 2024 - 17 Oct, 2024GuaranteedUS$6500
    24 Sep, 2024 - 23 Oct, 2024GuaranteedUS$6500

    Useful Information

    When is the Best Time to do a Himlung Expedition? 

    There’s no need to plan the dates if only trekkers are hiking up to Base Camp of Himlung Himal. They can travel on any day of the year and the trail will blissfully host the adventurer with a hypnotic mountain view. 

    But if you insist on summiting the peak itself, then do work on your schedule and just visit the region in any month of Autumn or Spring. They are the prime trekking season in Nepal and have the best atmospheric condition. After almost two months of heavy rain, autumn finally enters Annapurna in mid-September. 

    The weather after monsoon is mild with a little moisture in the air during Himlung Expedition. You can see fall colors spread throughout the valley. Forests with green foliage in spring turn red and orange before losing each of it by the end of October. 

    Rustling sounds while walking on the trail covered with autumn leaves can be heard from a distance. In fall, the weather along the trail to Himlung is temperate during days while evenings are slightly cold. At higher elevations, the temperature drops from almost 20 Degree Celsius to -10 Degree Celsius by night. 

    Similarly, spring also offers gentle weather for almost three months starting from mid-march. Because it falls right after winter, there is iciness in the air during the first few days of March. After then, it gradually disappears and with the outset of April, there is no sign of cold in the region unless it’s a base camp or above. 

    Weather gets warmer in the day and cools off during nights and mornings. Colorful flowers including rhododendron covering forest fill the heart with hope and delight. The temperature at lower elevation usually ranges from 6-12 Degree Celsius which is why the days are harder than mornings. 

    Monsoon and Winter is the least favorite time for trekking in Nepal. Winter brings harsh weather with temperatures ranging in minus at Himlung Base Camp and above. 

    From the beginning of late December, trails are covered in thick snow at a higher elevation. Hikers will struggle to find the grip on snowy terrain and even beat heavy-snowfall. Trekkers can expect some good things out of winter like the hypnotic view after a snowfall. 

    Rooftops in the villages of Phu look freshly painted with snow, putting up a visual display. Unfortunately, Monsoon doesn’t have too much to relish for. From the start of June, rain pours throughout the day causing the trail to be muddy. The temperature at lower elevation varies between 8 and 20 Degree Celsius so trekkers can still feel the warmth of summer.