Just like an individual differs from the other, different trekking companies have different motives, ethics, and goals. Mount Mania is a renowned trekking company in Nepal that has been organizing guided treks and tours in Nepal for many years. We dedicate our time and all our efforts to provide our clients with the best trekking and touring experiences in Nepal.

So, you might be wondering what makes Mount Mania different? Why Mount Mania? Well, you might find your answers. Have a look at these:

  • Well-established Company

Through years of hardships and dedication, we proudly announce to have been a well-established trekking company in Nepal now. We are officially registered under Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation, Government of Nepal, Office of the Company Registrar, Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN), and Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). We carry the ethics of promoting tourism in the nation without harming or degrading nature and culture.

  • Professional and well-equipped staffs

We have experienced guides and porters who will assist you throughout your journey. They have myriad experiences on the trekking trails for many years. They will take you out of any difficult situation that might come along. They will also help you during emergency rescues.

We provide all the necessary gears and equipment to our staff so that they could help you and themselves when in need.

  • Our Dedication

It is our dedication and passion that has blessed us with this uniqueness and growing popularity. We dedicate all our time planning the best treks and tours for you. We are available for 24 hours to help you with your queries. Once you choose to trek with Mount Mania, we as a person and also as a family will help you have the best possible experiences.

  • Customizable Itineraries

Your service is our first motive. We have standard package itineraries for trekking and touring in Nepal. And all of them are easily customizable. You can choose when to trek, where to trek, and the total duration that you want to trek for. We will help you organize the remarkable ones in any time of the year. All you have to do is let us know when and where.

  • Genuine Tour Packages

Nepal is a land of action to those who seek thrills and adventures. There are many unexplored regions in Nepal that are far beyond beautiful. Mount Mania offers a wide variety of travel packages. Ranging from easy to difficult treks, High altitude treks to the Remote treks, you can choose any adventure with us.

  • Flexible Trekking and Touring

By flexible, we mean we go easy with your demands and choices. If you are someone who loves individual trekking or traveling, we will gracefully organize you one. If you want to go to group trekking, we will pair you up with a suitable group. You give us a hint of your choices and desires and we will help you fulfill your wish.

  • Your Safety Our Concern

Your safety is the foremost concern of Mount Mania. We are equally concerned with the safety and comfort of our entire team. We provide sufficient gear and equipment to our guides and the porters. Our guides go with a satellite phone that will help you get emergency rescues anytime a day.  

  • Comfort and Quality Services

We work our best to provide you the most comfortable services on fooding, lodging, and others during the trips. Our guides and porters will help you get what you demand. They will invest all their time making sure that you feel comfortable and you are getting good services.

  • What You See is What You Pay

We are clean. We don’t have any hidden prices or charges. What you see on the screen is what you pay. We have competitive prices. And for the range of services that we provide, the fare is absolutely fair.

  • We promote sustainable tourism

Nepal is heaven that allures the trekkers and tourists to come and visit here many times again. We organize eco-friendly tourism. We don’t do any such activities that will harm wildlife or plants. Also, we promote clean trekking. We carry back the plastic filths to keep the nature clean.