The Mustang region in Nepal offers beautiful natural and cultural experiences to the visitors. The splendid natural beauty, numberless architectures, amazing landscapes, astonishing Himalayan vistas, and authentic Tibet influenced lifestyles in the region has made Mustang a  popular trekking destination among the local and international tourists.

Mustang Region comprises of two different regions: The upper Mustang and the lower Mustang. At Upper Mustang, you can see variety in the landscapes and in vegetations. You can find the green as well as the dry vegetation. The green lower region to the desert like sceneries in the upper region provides a great variation.

You will see lots of stupas, gompas and prayer flags in the regions above the Kagbeni village. The Upper Mustang region preserves the ancient culture and religious faiths. The Upper Mustang was a gateway to Tibet and was a popular trade route, a long time back.

Lo Manthang, the walled city in Upper Mustang, is a beautiful place with an interesting history. The famous Tiji festival in Upper Mustang happens in Lo Manthang. Tiji festival is a yearly festival in the month of May that attracts lots of tourists in the region.

While traveling in the lower Mustang region, you will see the fascinating skies. You will also see the sandy looking plateaus. The places like Jomsom, Muktinath, and the Kali Gandaki region are some of the attractions of the region. You will see the beautiful apple gardens, stone-walled dunes, and enchanting natural scenarios.