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While Trekking in Nepal, finding a trekking gear for rent can save you lots of money. In this post, we have collected genuine information related to trekking gears that you may find it useful.

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Normally, you can find the following trekking and climbing gears for rent in both Kathmandu and Pokhara:

  • Sleeping Bag
  • Down Jacket
  • Climbing Gears: Boot, Rope, Ice Axe, Crampon, and Helmet

Sleeping Bag Rent Cost

You can find various qualities of the Sleeping bag. The following are the qualities that you will find in the most trekking gears shop in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Normal Quality Sleeping Bag

To rent a normal quality sleeping bag, you will have to pay USD 1 per day. This kind of sleeping bag is suitable for -5 to -10 degrees Celsius weather.

Medium Quality Sleeping Bag

To rent a Medium quality sleeping bag, you will have to pay USD 1.5 per day. It is suitable for -10 to -15 degrees Celsius weather.

High-Quality Sleeping Bag:

Renting a High-quality sleeping bag will cost USD 2.5 per day. Apart from above normal quality and medium quality sleeping bag, this high-quality sleeping bag has important features such as; water-proof, inside fur for heating, and lots more.

Down Jacket Rent Cost

Regarding the quality of the down jacket, you will find good quality at an affordable hiring rate. But, don’t expect to get a North Face High-quality jacket for rent. Because the north face down jacket cost a minimum of around USD 200-300. Hence, it’s not available for rent. You can only buy one. Whereas, to rent a Down Jacket, the cost will be USD 1.5 per day in both Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Climbing Gears Rent Cost

To rent climbing gear, you will get in the package. Inside the package, you will get a Boot, Ice Axe, Rope, Crampon, and Helmets. Rent cost for the climbing gears package will cost USD 100 – USD 150 per package for a minimum of one week.

Especially climbing gears are required for climbing and expedition. Hence, above climbing gears can also be found in nearest trekking destinations to Everest such as; Namche, Pangboche, Dingboche, Lobuche, and Khare.

Tent Rental Cost in Kathmandu and Pokhara

Rent Cost for tent depends on types, quality, and size. In Nepal, you will find two kinds of tents;

Basic Ridge Tent

This kind of tent is heavy and doesn’t have waterproof materials. It can be only used in low altitude destinations and in dry seasons. Rent cost for basic ridge tent is USD 3 per day.

Contact for further queries: 9841199435

Dome Tent

Dome Tent has light-weight, waterproof, and windproof. It is best suitable for various altitudes from low to high. You can use it any season. Whereas, rent cost for a dome tent is USD 5 per day.

Finally, let’s come to the point. Where to find the above trekking gears in Kathmandu and Pokhara on rent?

Rent Trekking Gears in Kathmandu

  • Kala Pathar Trekking Shop: Sat Ghumti (Seven Corner Street), Thamel, Kathmandu
  • Sagarmatha Trekking Shop: Baghwan Bahal, Thamel, Kathmandu

Rent Trekking Gears in Pokhara

Most of the trekking gears shop in Pokhara which provides gears for rent. Just visit any trekking gears shop which provides gears and equipment. Rent cost will be as same as in Kathmandu.

BONUS: Checklist Before Hiring Trekking Gears

  • Quality
  • Zipper / Chain
  • Physical Damage
  • Clean
  • Size
  • Straps and Clips

Besides renting above trekking gears, you can also buy them. Also, it’s better to buy basic trekking cloth and equipment such as trekking poles, gloves, sunglasses, headlights, socks, hiking trousers, sun creams, cooking gas (only for camping), towels than to get those in rent.

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