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Nepal is a beautiful country that is rich in natural resources. This country is blessed with various mountain peaks ranging from 6000 m to 8000 m above. The world’s highest peak Mount Everest resides in this country.

Are you thinking of going mountain climbing in the great Himalayas of Nepal? Looking for peaks ranging around 6000 m? Then our article on 6000 m Expedition in Nepal will be helpful for you.

We have listed out various 6000 m peaks from around the country. Most of them live in the Everest and Annapurna Region. To know more about above 6000 meters peak climbing of Nepal. Please continue to read below:

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Island Peak Climbing (6189m)

Another name for Island Peak is Imja Tse which lies inside the Sagarmatha National Park. This mountain is one of the popular 6000 m expeditions in Nepal. It lies in the Solukhumbu district on the eastern side of the Everest region.

This is a trekking peak suitable for both novice and experienced climbers. The peak got its name Island peak in the year 1953. As it looks like an island situated in a sea of ice when viewed from Dingboche.

During your climb to Imja Tse, you get to see many picturesque views of the beautiful valleys, landscapes, and mountains. You will be exploring the traditional villages and experience warm hospitality from them.

Chulu East Peak Climbing (6584m)

Chulu East Peak lies in the Annapurna region on the southeast side of Chulu west. The peaks Chulu East and Chulu West together form an important part of Manang Himal. Climbing Chulu East Peak is a quite challenging and thrilling experience.

Usually, climbers get confused with the location of the peak as it's unmarked in the maps. But this climb is usually combined with the Annapurna Circuit trek. You get to view mesmerizing peaks and landscapes while exploring the region.

Walking through beautiful forest paths and visiting Tibetan culture influenced villages is quite an ecstasy. This climb is challenging, making it a moderate to difficult level task. Climbing this peak can be harsh for beginners but not impossible. With proper training and preparation, you can reach the summit with ease.

Singu Chuli Peak Climbing (6501m)

Singu Chuli Peak is another one of the trekking peaks that fall in the 6000 m expedition in Nepal. This peak lies on the westside of Ganggapurna in the Annapurna region.

This peak is a beauty in itself, its beauty is usually compared with Nanda Devi, the highest peak of India. The routes are quite harsh and steep making it a difficult level climb. 

But the wonderful vista of the astounding peaks and landscapes will make up for it. Walking through beautiful forest paths viewing these scenarios is quite an adventure.

Parchemuche Peak Climbing (6187m)

Parechemuche Peak lies between the Everest and Rolwaling region on the south side of Tashi Lapcha pass. To reach the paths of this peak you have to follow the Everest Base Camp Trek routes.

You can get an attractive view of this snowy peak from the pass. Reaching the summit you can see many extraordinary peaks. During a clear day, you can see Rolwaling and Langtang on the west, Mount Everest on the east and Cho Oyu, Gyaching Kang on the northside.

Pisang Peak Climbing (6091m)

Pisang Peak, a pyramidal peak in the Manang district lies above the village of Pisang. This village lies in the routes of Annapurna Circuit Trek in the northern part of Nepal.

You get to explore the beautiful Manang region and visit Muktinath. It is a holy temple for Buddhist and Hindu religions. The mesmerizing view of Mount Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and others will astound you in this climb.

This is a moderate level climb that provides rewarding sights to the climbers. Walking in rugged paths experiencing Nepalese culture from different ethnic groups feels amazing.

Lobuche Peak Climbing (6119m)

Lobuche Peak lies quite near to the Khumbu Glacier and the Lobuche settlement. It has two main peaks that are Lobuche East and Lobuche West. You will be requiring a permit to climb this mountain.

Climbing it is slightly more difficult compared to other peaks. You will be walking in steep paths that make it quite harsh and challenging. But the delightful view of Mount Everest, Lhotse, etc will make up for it.

Passing through beautiful Sherpa villages and knowing more about their culture and tradition is a wonderful experience.

Mera Peak Climbing (6376m)

Mera Peak is situated on the Mahalangur and Barun subsections in the Himalayas. This peak lies in the Everest region in the Solukhumbu district. This mountain is the highest trekking peak in Nepal.

From the summit, you get to view five magnificent peaks that range above 8000 m. You will be passing through beautiful villages and lush green forests viewing various scenarios.

To complete this climb, you will be needing both physical and technical training. These are just a few of the basic training required to make the climb.

Ama Dablam Climbing (6812m)

Ama Dablam is one of the most beautiful and aesthetic mountains of the Himalayas. It lies on the eastern side of the Sagarmatha Zone in Province no.1. 

The name Ama Dablam means Mother’s Necklace. As the long ridges look like the mother’s arm on each side. And the hanging glacier looks like a traditional double pendant worn by the sherpa women.

The routes are quite harsh and challenging until the summit. It captures the eye of the alpine climbers. You need to have the proper skills and experience to make this high-altitude climb.

Climbers should be able to walk through paths of rock, ice, and climb technical terrains. The striking view of the mountains and valleys looks quite ravishing on this trip. 

Cholatse Peak Climbing (6440m)

Another name for Cholatse Peak is Jobo Lhaptshan. This is a mountain situated in the Khumbu region. A long ridge connects Taboche to Cholatse peak . You can see the north and east faces of this mountain from Dughla when trekking in the routes of Everest Base Camp.

Climbing this peak requires a lot of technical gears and training. The route to reach this peak is quite comfortable and easy from the Khumbu valley. Cholatse Peak falls under group “A” trekking peak category made by NMA.

Kusum Kanguru Peak Climbing (6367m)

Kusum Kanguru is a trekking peak that lies in the Khumbu region. The meaning of its name is three snow-white gods that refer to the three summits of this mountain.

In 1979, a group of Japanese teams first ascended this peak. It is amazing ice and rock peak that has technically very challenging routes. It forms the border between Hinku valley and Dudh Koshi South. You should have experience in alpine mountaineering.

Dorje Lakpa Peak Climbing (6966m)

Dorje Lakpa is an attractive mountain situated on the east side of the Langtang region. This mountain is quite visible from Kathmandu and Nagarkot as well. To reach the summit, you will be passing through three high camps.

To complete this climb, you should be physically fit and must have technical climbing experience. This is a moderate level climb that requires mid-level technical knowledge. 

Passing through beautiful typical villages and wild forests of unique vegetation is amazing to experience. Walking while viewing the various beautiful mountains of this region adds color to your trip.

Tukuche Peak Climbing (6921m)

Tukuche is a wonderful peak that lies near the Kali Gandaki Gorge. This peak sits in front of the Dhaulagiri I and Annapurna Massif. It resides in the wild valley of Mustang.

This climb is a mixture of thrill and challenges along with admirable trekking. Trekking through the deep gorge of Kali Gandaki and following the trails you approach your destination.

Viewing beautiful scenarios and walking past traditional villages, lush green forests you make great memories.

Kanguru Peak Climbing (6981m)

Kang Guru Peak lies in the Manag region of Gandaki Pradesh. This is the largest peak in the Larkya sub-range of the Himalayan region. It lies in the northwest of Mansiri Himal and northeast of the Annapurna.

You will be exploring the less visited and remote areas of this region. The climb is both difficult and challenging making it adventurous. Viewing stunning peaks and walking through scenic views you complete this trip.

Saribung Peak Climbing (6328m)

Saribung Climbing resides in the isolated part of the Mustang district. It lies close to Damodar Himal and the Tibetan border. The trekking routes for climbing Saribung were only discovered in the year 2006. 

Completing this climb is quite challenging and thrilling. Walking in the beaten and rugged tracks give extra spice to your trip. Passing villages cut out of modern technology is an awesome experience.

Chulu Far East Peak Climbing (6059m)

Chulu Far East is one of the premier trekking destinations of Nepal located in the Annapurna region. This peak provides a panoramic view of a few of the world-class mountains. 

You will be exploring the authentic culture of the Managba, thakali, and Gurung communities. The routes are challenging but easier compared to other Chulu Peaks.

Bokta Peak Climbing (6114m)

Bokta Peak Climbing takes you on a challenging adventure on the laps of Mount Kanchenjunga. It has three routes to reach the summit eastern, western, and northern.

You get to see the stunning panorama view of the Himalayas on this trip. This is a moderate level climb that provides a breathtaking view of the landscape and valleys.

Larkya Peak Climbing (6249m)

Larkya Peak Climbing lies in the Manalsu region and has been recently opened by the Nepalese Government. It has its own extraordinary natural beauty that astounds the travelers.

The diverse culture of Tamang and Sherpa community will fascinate you. This trip gives you a wonderful opportunity to explore one of the less-visited regions of Nepal.

Rich in biodiversity and unique ambiances this is a great destination for holidays. Scenic view of the mountains and landscapes is another plus point of this trek.

Kwangde Ri Peak Climbing (6184m)

Kwangde Ri Peak resides above the Bhotekoshi river on the southeast side of the Namche Bazaar. This mountain borders with the Rowling Himal and lies on the northern end of the hidden valley Lumding Drangka.

Kwangde Ri Peak is a multi-summited ridge which has four peaks above 6000 m. The steep ridge on the north side and glaciation on the south side make the climb quite challenging. 

It is an adventure journey through beautiful forests and traditional villages viewing scenic sights.

Chulu East Peak Climbing (6584m)

Climbing to Chulu East Peak is an unforgettable trip to the popular Annapurna region. This is one of the most spectacular trekking peaks of Nepal. You will be needing technical training to complete this climb.

You get the striking view of Annapurna Massif, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Glacier Dome, Mount Manaslu, and Tilicho Peak. Walking through beautiful valleys and forests is quite adventurous.

Langshisha Ri Peak Climbing (6427m)

The Langtang region has many popular 6000m expeditions in Nepal. Among them, Langshisha Ri peak is quite popular in this region. It lies about 175 km away from Kathmandu.

This peak is technically challenging so you need to have climbing experience with the equipment. You get to view the mesmerizing sight of Langtang Lirung, Ganesh Himal, etc.

This climb takes you through the beautiful valley of Langtang village. And lets you explore the ancient Buddhist monastery, Kyanjin Gompa. Exploring the region and experiencing the warm welcome and hospitality will mesmerize you.

Kyozo Ri Peak Climbing (6184m)

Kyozo Ri Peak lies in the Everest region of the Solukhumbu district. The routes for the expedition were only opened after 2002 by the Ministry of tourism. It is the highest summit on the southern flanks that run on the north side of Namche Bazaar.

This is a semi-technical peak suitable for both experienced and beginners. If you are looking for peaks that are less crowded the Kyozo Ri is a great choice. You will follow the southwest ridge to make the climb.

This climb is challenging but the awe-striking view of the peaks will make up for it. This climb is a great way to improve your mountaineering skills.

Chulu West Peak Climbing (6584m)

Chulu West Peak Climbing is a great opportunity for travelers looking for excitement in the Annapurna region.  Most travelers consider this peak one of the best climbing peaks of the Annapurna region.

The magnificent views of the wonderful peaks will freshen up your mood after a long day’s walk. You need to be physically and mentally fit to climb Chulu West Peak. 

On this expedition, you will be walking past many famous villages in this region. Such as Manang, Muktinath, Jomsom, and many more. Passing through paddy fields and forests of oaks and pine you get to see the scenic views along the way.

Hiunchuli Peak Climbing (6441m)

Hiunchuli is a beautiful peak that lies near the Annapurna south. Technically this peak is not much difficult but there are other setbacks that make the climb difficult.

This mountain is a sacred place for the Gurung people that inhabit this region. It is one of the three major trekking peaks of the Annapurna Sanctuary. This mountain resides in a remote location which is still unknown to many travelers.

You will be passing through the dense forest of bamboo and rhododendron. While viewing breathtaking scenarios of the magnificent mountain. There are two routes to make this climb one is the South-East Face route and North-West Face Route.

Pachermo Peak Climbing (6273m)

Pachermo Peak is another popular expedition of the Everest region that lies above the Thame Valley. This mountain makes up the border with the Rolwaling valley on the west.

There are two routes to approach the summit. One is by trekking through Rolwaling Valley and Tashi Lapcha Pass. While others are from Namche Bazaar to Thame valley then high camp.

The route from Namche is shorter than from Rolwaling valley. Climbing this mountain is harsh and challenging. But with proper preparation, you can complete this with ease. Reaching the summit, you will get rewarded with the scenic view of various mountain peaks.

Yubra Himal Peak Climbing (6035m)

Yubra Himal is one of the least visited peaks of the Langtang region. The routes of this mountain are very rarely climbed making it a perfect destination for peace lovers.

Experiencing the wonderful Tamang culture and viewing beautiful Landscapes you complete this trip. You get to see the amazing view of Dorje Lakpa, Langtang Lirung, etc from the top.

You can see the fin-like ridge from Kyanjin Gompa over the Lirung Glacier. You will be trekking in steep and rugged paths for this expedition.

Kanjirowa Peak Climbing (6883M)

Kanjirowa peak is the most attractive mountain of the Dolpo district. It lies in the isolated part of the Himalaya range within the passing border of Shey Phoksundo National Park.

You will be exploring the beautiful Dolpo region while making the expedition to the highest mountain in this region. This is an amazing climbing experience in the wilderness of Dolpo.

Not many people have visited this region thus making the unspoiled routes more adventurous. Lush green forests paths, religious villages, beautiful landscapes, and others.

Thamserku Peak Climbing (6623m) 

Thamserku peak lies in the eastern part of Nepal in the Everest region. This peak lies on the east side of Namche Bazaar and north side of Kusum Kangguru. 

The routes are challenging and require technical training as well. It has many technical sections and sharp ice inclines. Every year the beauty of this mountain attracts travelers from around the world.

During your trek to reach the summit, you will be rewarded with various beautiful scenarios. The view of mountain peaks, beautiful landscapes, and traditional villages will astound you.

Tabouche Peak Climbing (6542m)

Tabouche Peak is a wonderful mountain in the Solukhumbu district. The mountain connects itself with Cholatse with a long ridge. This peak is situated right across the Imja River and on top of Dingboche and Pheriche.

You should have proper skills and experience in climbing rock and ice walls. Also, technical skills are also required. For most of the parts, using ropes are quite necessary.

Along the way, you will pass through the various multi-ethnic villages experiencing warm hospitality. If you are lucky you might even spot rare animals living in these areas.

Dhampus Peak Climbing (6012m)

Another name for the Dhampus peak is Thapa peak that lies between Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Massif. This peak provides a wonderful view of the upper Kali Gandaki River. 

Reaching the summit, you get to see over 30 different peaks and an up-close view of Dhaulagiri and Tukuche. The routes of the Dhampus peak are untouched and unspoiled.

The trails pass-through various old and traditional villages influenced by Tibetan culture. Also through the forest paths of rhododendron viewing the scenic sights.

Tukuche Peak Climbing (6920m)

Tukuche peak is the least-visited peak of Nepal. Thus making it one of the most exotic mountains to climb in this country. This lies in between Mt. Annapurna and Dhaulagiri on the western Himalayas of Nepal.

The peak offers the awesome vista of various peaks. Such as Nilgiri, Annapurna Massif, Dhaulagiri Massif, etc. During this climb, you get to visit the nearby villages Marpha and Jomsom as well.

Thorong Peak Climbing (6144m)

Thorong Peak is one of the popular expedition destinations in the Annapurna Region. The routes of this peak are not very harsh and challenging. It is a moderate level climb.

To make the climb it is not compulsory to have past experiences in this field. But you need to be physically and mentally fit to complete the trip. This peak lies above the popular Thorong La Pass. 

Climbing this peak is not quite difficult but is demanding as you need permits and professional guides. The scenic views of majestic mountains and landscapes will get you lost in the beauty of nature. The alluring village of the Gurung community will enhance your trip with warm welcome and hospitality.

Lamjung Himal Climbing (6918m)

Lamjung Himal is another popular trekking peak of the Annapurna Region. This peak is one of the rarely visited places in this region. Reaching the summit provides you with a striking view of north-central Himalayas.

The name of this peak has been derived from one of the districts of Nepal. The word Lamjung means high and precious hill which is a Gurung word. You will be passing through the mind-blowing valleys of Marsyangdi and Madi.

The mind captivating view of the mesmerizing peaks will accompany you through this trip. Passing through ethnic villages of Gurung, Magar, Baram is a great experience. 

Number Himal Peak Climbing (6957m)

Number Himal lies in the north-eastern part of Nepal which spreads from Khumbu to Rolwaling. This expedition offers travelers to explore the wilderness and pure beauty of nature.

Walking through beautiful forests while viewing the eye-catching beauty of the peaks and landscape is quite an excitement. The majority of people living here belong to the Sherpa community.

Ganchenpo Peak Climbing (6387m)

Ganchenpo climbing is the best choice for climbers looking forward to ascending the 6000 m expedition in Nepal. This peak is located in the district of Rasuwa in the Jugal Himal Range.

The majority of people living in this region belong to the Tamang community. You will be mesmerized by their hospitality towards travelers. Walking through dense forests viewing various mountain peaks is quite an exciting experience.

You get to explore the beautiful Rasuwa district and learn more about the culture and tradition of the people living there.

Nepal Peak Climbing (6910m)

Nepal Peak lies in the Mechi Zone of Nepal. This peak is categorized as the class A trekking peak. It lies near the Kanchenjunga Himal. This is a moderate to difficult level climb.

You will be walking in rugged and uneven paths on this expedition. The beauty of nature will blow your mind. The scenic views seen while passing through the paths are quite amazing.

Gyalzen Peak Climbing (6151m)

Gyalzen Peak lies on the northeast side of Kathmandu valley in the Jugal range. This is the shortest trekking peak in the remote areas of Nepal.  The Nepalese team made the first ascend from south-southeast face in the year 2019 on 9th April.

Walking through these trails offers you the best wide-angle view of various mountain peaks. Such as Dorje Lakpa, Phurbaghecyu, Langtang range, etc. you will pass along quaint villages that are unknown to modern technology.

People residing in these valleys belong to different ethnicities. Such as Tamang, Newar, Brahmin, and others. Expedition on this route is filled with awesome cultural and adventurous experiences.

Chegiko Peak Climbing (6416m)

The routes of Chegiko Peak were recently opened for mountaineering. This expedition takes you on an exciting adventure in the great Himalayas. Chegiko Peak is situated quite near to the Gaurishankar Himal.

This peak lies between the Khumbu valley and Rolwaling. This peak is the least climbed trekking peak in Nepal. To complete this climb you need an entry permit. 

You get to see the view of Annapurna, Manaslu, Lamjung, and many more along the way. Passing through beautiful forests of rhododendrons will mesmerize you. The beauty of nature is mind-blowing in this journey.

Kangtega Peak Climbing (6782m)

Another Name for Kangtega is snow saddle which is one of the main peaks in the Himalayas. It lies in the Everest region between Khumbu and Hinku valley. This peak was first ascended in 1963.

To approach the Kangtega peak you will walk over the Tsetrawala pass using the southside. You will be walking in steep snow paths, narrow crevasses, and ice falls. 

The climb is harsh and challenging but the awe-striking view of the majestic mountains will be worth the trouble.

Abi Himal / Cholo Peak Climbing (6043m)

Abi Himal lies in the Solukhumbu district in the Khumbu Himal range. Other names for this peak is Cholo, Kangchung. This is a perfect training peak for climbers planning to climb higher altitude mountains.

This peak requires technical training as well as physical training. It has been graded as a moderate level climb. It is suitable for both experienced as well as novice climbers.

Num Ri Peak Climbing (6677m)

Num Ri is also one of the most popular trekking peaks in the Everest Region. It lies in the eastern part of Nepal in the district of Solu Khumbu. The mountain is visible from the routes of Island peak during a clear day.

Climbing this peak is difficult compared to other similar peaks. But with proper training, you can reach the summit. You need to be both mentally and physically prepared prior to the climb.

The beauty of this region will make you forget all the harshness and challenges. The breathtaking view of the numerous peaks is quite a memorable sight. 

We hope our above 6000 m peak climbing in Nepal helped you with your search. We the members of Mount Mania, wish you a wonderful journey to the Himalayas and feel free to contact us if you would like to organize the above peak climbing with a professional Sherpa guide.

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