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Are you among the one who loves to travel to the unexplored hidden valley and want to experience the wilderness? If yes, then choosing off the beaten path treks routes in Nepal will definitely leave you a surprising memorable journey to the Himalayas in Nepal.

In this post, we will be describing the best off the beaten path treks in Nepal. Each path will be explained with a unique trek highlights, trek itinerary or route, best season and lastly listing out the trekking permits with the respective cost. Are you excited to know the list of best off the beaten path treks in Nepal?

Let’s buckle up and start the journey.

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Upper Mustang Trek

upper mustang trek

Upper Mustang Trek Highlights

  • Last forbidden kingdom (Lo-Manthang) because this region was not allowed to enter until the 1990s and still considered as restricted regions
  • A unique landscape; commonly known as Trans-Himalaya; Treeless and barren landscape with a countryside similar to the Tibetan plateau
  • Tiji Festival
  • Chosar Cave and other 10,000 man-made caves
  • View of popular mountain ranges mainly Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and, Nilgiri

Upper Mustang Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Drive to Pokhara (820m)

Day 2: Fly to Jomsom (2700m). Trek to Kagbeni (2800m)

Day 3: Trek to Chele (3050m)

Day 4: Trek to Syangbochen (3500m)

Day 5: Trek to Ghami (3520m)

Day 6: Trek to Tsarang (3600m)

Day 7: Trek to Lo Manthang (3800m)

Day 8: Explore Around Lo Manthang (3800m)

Day 9: Trek to Drakmar (3800m)

Day 10: Trek to Ghiling (3800m)

Day 11: Trek to Chukshang (3000m)

Day 12: Trek to Jomsom (2700m)

Day 13: Fly to Pokhara (820m)

Day 14: Drive to Kathmandu (1320m)

Upper Mustang Trek Best Season

  • Spring (March to May)
  • Monsoon (June to August)
  • Autumn (September to November)

Permit Cost For Upper Mustang Trek

  • Upper Mustang Permit Cost: USD 500 per person for the first 10 Days
  • After 10 Days: USD 50 each extra day
  • ACAP Permit: USD 23

Upper Dolpo Circuit Trek

upper dolpo circuit trek

Highlights of Upper Dolpo Trek

  • Phoksundo Lake; an alpine freshwater oligotrophic lake in Nepal
  • Shey Phoksundo National Park (3555 square kilometers)
  • Shey Gompa and three High Passes; Numala, Bagala, and Kagmara
  • Dolpo area was the shooting location for the 1999 Oscar-nominated film Himalaya
  • Wonderful variety of flora and fauna: including Blue sheep, Mountain Goat, Jackal, Wolf, and the legendary Snow Leopard

Upper Dolpo Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Fly to Nepalgunj (150m)

Day 2: Fly to Jhuphal. Trek to Suli Ghat (2070m)

Day 3: Trek to Renje (3010m)

Day 4: Trek to Ringmo Village (3620m)

Day 5: Explore around Phoksundo Lake (3610m)

Day 6: Trek to Phoksundo Khola (3630m)

Day 7: Trek to Phoksundo Bhanjhyang (4120m)

Day 8: Trek to Shey Gumpa via Kang La Pass (5160m)

Day 9: Explore around Shey Gumpa (4325m)

Day 10: Trek to Nam Gung via Sal Dang La (5010m)

Day 11: Trek to Sal Dang (3620m)

Day 12: Trek to Yangze Gumpa (4960m)

Day 13: Trek to Sibu (4560m)

Day 14: Trek to Jeng La Phedi (4900m)

Day 15: Trek to Dho Tarap via Jeng La Pass (5090m)

Day 16: Explore around Dho Tarap (4200m)

Day 17: Trek to Dho Tarap Khola (3800m)

Day 18: Trek to Khani Gaun (3150m)

Day 19: Trek to Dunai via Tarakot (2535m)

Day 20: Trek to Juphal (2320m)

Day 21: Fly to Nepalgunj (150m)

Day 22: Fly to Kathmandu (1320m) 

Upper Dolpo Trek Best Season

  • Spring (March to May)
  • Monsoon (June to August)
  • Autumn (September to November)

Upper Dolpo Trekking Permit Cost

  • Upper Dolpo Permit Cost: USD 500 per person for the first 10 Days
  • After 10 Days: USD 50 each extra day

Makalu Base Camp Trek

makalu base camp trek

Makalu Base Camp Trek Highlights

  • One of the “eight-thousanders,” peaks over 8,000km
  • View of Mt. Makalu (8481m), is the fifth highest mountain in the world
  • Makalu Barun National Park (1500 square kilometers)
  • 315 species of butterflies, 43 species of reptile and 16 species of amphibians, 78 species of fish inhabit the many ponds, lakes, and rivers
  • Endangered flora and fauna
  • Experience the remoteness life of Rai and Sherpa culture community

Makalu Base Camp Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Fly to Tumlintar. Drive to Num (1490m)

Day 2: Trek to Seduwa (1460m)

Day 3: Trek to Tashi Gaun (2070m)

Day 4: Trek to Kauma (3470m)

Day 5: Trek to Mumbuk (3570m)

Day 6: Trek to Nhe Kharka (3000m)

Day 7: Trek to Sherson (4615m)

Day 8: Trek to Makalu Base Camp (5000m)

Day 9: Explore Day

Day 10: Trek to Nhe Kharka (3000m)

Day 11: Trek to Mumbuk (3570m)

Day 12: Trek to Kauma (3470m)

Day 13: Trek to Tash Gaun (2070m)

Day 14: Trek to Balung (760m)

Day15: Trek to Pukuwa (550m)

Day16: Trek to Bumling (370m)

Day 17: Trek to Tumlingtar (460m)

Day 18: Fly to Kathmandu (1320m)

Best Season for Makalu Base Camp Trek

  • Spring (March to May)
  • Monsoon (June to August)
  • Autumn (September to November)

Makalu Base Camp Trekking Permit Cost

  • Makalu Barun National Park Permit Fee: USD 35

Nar Phu Valley Trek

nar phu valley trek

Nar Phu Valley Trek Highlights

  • Amazing Trans-Himalaya landscape with unique rock formation
  • View of Annapurna II, Himlung Himal, Gangapurna, and Tilicho Peak
  • Trek route will pass the Kang La pass with a magnificent panorama of Annapurna massifs
  • Explore the remote hidden places of Bhotia villages
  • Yak and different endangered animals such as; Snow Leopard
  • Different historical rich Gompas
  • Experience unique Tibetan-Buddhist culture

Nar Phu Valley Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Drive to Bulbule (860m)

Day 2: Trek to Chamje (1430m)

Day 3: Trek to Dharapani (1920m)

Day 4: Trek to Koto (2600m)

Day 5: Trek to Meta (3430m)

Day 6: Trek to Phu Gaun (4050m)

Day 7: Explore around Phu

Day 8: Trek to Nar (3550m)

Day 9: Explore around Nar

Day 10: Trek to Ngwal via Kang La Pass (5330m)

Day 11: Trek to Manang (3540m)

Day 12: Trek to Yak Kharka (4000m)

Day 13: Trek to Thorong Phedi (4430m)

Day 14: Trek to Muktinath via Thorong La (5416m)

Day 15: Trek to Jomsom (2700m)

Day 16: Fly to Pokhara (820m)

Day 17: Drive to Kathmandu (1320m)

Nar Phu Valley Trek Best Season

  • Spring (March to May)
  • Monsoon (June to August)
  • Autumn (September to November)

Nar Phu Valley Trekking Permit Cost

  • From September to November: USD 75 per week per person
  • From December to August: USD 90 per week per person
  • ACAP Permit: USD 23
  • TIMS Card: USD 10

Tsum Valley Trek

tsum valley trek

Tsum Valley Trek Highlights

  • View of Mt. Manaslu, the eighth highest mountain in the world
  • Tsum Valley lies on the northern part of Manaslu and used to be a restricted area until 2008
  • Tsum (meaning, Vivid) Valley, the hidden Himalayan valley which is rich in ancient art, culture and religion
  • The route has preserved the rich culture and tradition of Buddhist
  • Passes through Budhi Gandaki Valley, the mix of dense forest, terraced fields and ridge

Itinerary for Tsum Valley Trek

Day 1: Drive to Arughat (600m)

Day 2: Trek to Lapubesi (882m)

Day 3: Trek to Tatopani (990m)

Day 4: Trek to Filim (1570m)

Day 5: Trek to Chhumling (2386m)

Day 6: Trek to Chhekampar (3111m)

Day 7: Trek to Mu Gumpa (3700m)

Day 8: Trek to Rachen Gumpa and back to Chhekampar (3240m)

Day 9: Trek to Lokpa (2240m)

Day 10: Trek to Ghap (2300m)

Day 11: Trek to Lo (3180m)

Day 12: Trek to Sama Gaun (3520m)

Day 13: Extra or contingency day 

Day 14: Trek to Samdo (3780m)

Day 15: Trek to Dharmashala (4460m)

Day 16: Trek to Bhimthang via Larkya La Pass (5106m)

Day 17: Trek to Tilche (2260m)

Day 18: Drive to Kathmandu (1320m)

Tsum Valley Trek Best Season

  • Spring (March to May)
  • Monsoon (June to August)
  • Autumn (September to November)

Tsum Valley Trekking Permit Cost

  • From September to November: USD 35 for the first 8 days per person
  • From December to August: USD 25 for first 8 days per person

Manaslu Trekking Permit:

  • From September to November: USD 70 per week per person and after 7 days, cost USD 10 per day per person
  • From December to August: USD 50 per week per person and after 7 days, cost USD 7 per day per person

Best Off The Beaten Path Treks in Nepal: Teahouse or Camping?

After deciding the off the beaten path treks, the next phase is to know what kinds of accommodations are available during the trekking. First, let’s get to know about teahouse and camping in Nepal.

Teahouse Accommodation:

Teahouse is the basic guest house which is the combination of kitchen, dining hall – social gathering spot, and private rooms on a twin sharing basis. It also has common bathrooms that will be equipped with a hot shower (with additional charges). Most of the teahouse will provide a blanket.

For foods, teahouse serves the traditional Nepali Dal Bhat (rice, curry, pickles, and lentils), as well as a variety of different food items, such as fried rice, pizzas, noodles, potatoes, and soup. Not to miss, in every teahouse, you can charge your gadgets from one charging station with a nominal fee.

Camping Accommodation: Whereas camping accommodation is totally opposite of teahouse accommodation. Camping will have a big team which consists of a cook, guide, sherpa, porters to travel with you. Basic cooking utensils such as fuel, stove, plates, bowl, pan, and others will be carried by porters.

The guide will set up the dining tents, sleeping tents, and toilet tents. You will be also provided with a mattress and down sleeping bags for sleeping. The next day, camping gear and equipment will be packed by well-trained staff, and later carried by porter the next camping site.

Now, let’s find out the accommodation of above best off the beaten path treks in Nepal.

  • Upper Mustang Trek: Teahouse accommodation
  • Upper Dolpo Trek: Camping accommodation
  • Makalu Base Camp Trek: Teahouse accommodation
  • Nar Phu Valley Trek: Teahouse accommodation
  • Tsum Valley Trek: Teahouse accommodation


Most of the off the beaten path in Nepal is a relatively virgin or less known area and combines unique paths in comparison to other popular trekking regions of Nepal. As we have already told that trekking to this unique off the beaten path will definitely leave some memory in your life and heart.

Feel free to contact us for further queries. Happy Traveling!

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