• Feb 2, 2024
  • Rupak Parajuli

If you are thinking about whether to book a trip online or offline (in-person), then you are not alone. This is the common dilemma that every traveler gets stuck in. With an advancement of technology and online presence of trekking agencies, each and every trip information can be found online. Not only that, but you can also book any trip sitting at your home with just a few clicks.

Hence, to solve the dilemma of whether to book a trip online or not. We have explained below about the benefits of booking trek online in Nepal.

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Save Valuable Time

Whether you are organizing a trip in advance or leave on options open. Booking trek online will save you valuable time. You don’t need to waste your time searching trekking agency.  Instead, you can do other recreational activities such as; sightseeing around world heritage sites, meditation, learn Nepali languages, and trek preparation.

If you have already finalized your arrival and departure time. Then, due to a short time, it will be very difficult to arrange the trek offline at your specific time. Hence, it’s always a great idea to book trek online to save your time.

Pre-arranged Trip

After you have booked a trek online. Your trip will be pre-arranged. It means you don’t need to worry about hotels, trekking permits, flight tickets, foods, and accommodation during a trek, guide, and porter. Everything will be taken care of by an online trekking agency. Just you need to arrive on time.

You will get all useful information such as; Detail itinerary, Cost Includes, Cost Excludes, Foods, and Accommodation via email. Also, your trip will be pre-arranged before arriving at your destination. This signals that your trip will be a success.

Reasonable Price

Due to the stiff competition market, you will get a reasonable price online rather than offline. You can get a different discount and offers on a specific time online. To redeem that offers, you need to book trek online.

You can compare the prices based on quality services and customer reviews. It will help you to find out a reasonable price. Whereas, if you book in-person or offline, you may not get a reasonable price and less chance to get offers. Also, you will be paying a high price for low service.


Most of the trekking company that you deal with online are a professional registered company. In terms of online trekking agencies, you can find an international travel company on the top list in the search engine. But, with the price that international company offering, you can get as quality services as international from the local online trekking agency without compromising the top-notch services.

Local online trekking agency is as much responsible as the top international travel company. Responsible in terms of services, culture, tradition, environment, and community. Not only that, if you book with a local online trekking agency, but your contribution will also help to scale the economy of the Nepalese tourism industry.

Ensure Safety and Security

If you book a trip with a professional trekking agency, you will get safety and security without any doubt. Especially, for solo female travelers, you can get female trekking guides from professional trekking agents which will ensure safety from starting the trek to an end of the trek. In short, the Trekking agency will also keep you and your valuable goods secure during a trek.

There has been a case such as; In an international airport, you will meet lots of strangers.  You may book a trek with a stranger where they ask a lot of questions about trekking for selling the trip without any loyal service. Don’t trust them. Sometimes they organize a trip taking unprofessional street guides where they may leave you in unknown places while trekking. This will leads to insecurity and risky. If this happens, your trip may hamper a lot.

Hence, it is always better to book any trip online with a professional trekking agency in Nepal. The major objective of any trekking agency is to do their best to complete your trip in an organized manner.

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Rupak Parajuli

Rupak Parajuli

He is a Travel Enthusiast and Writer, who mostly covers the guide to outdoor adventure in the Himalayas of Nepal. He can be your friendly trip planner. Feel free to reach out to him.

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