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Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the popular off the beaten trekking in Nepal. Trekking routes to Manaslu are situated in the restricted region. The major reason behind restriction is due to security concerns with Tibet's open border and safety.  

Trek in Nepal offers rich culture, tradition, and not to miss the view of the eighth highest mountain in the world – Manaslu. Other highlights of this trip are the Tibetan Monastery, Mane walls, different flora, and fauna. 

One of the benefits of planning Manaslu Trek is that in a short period, you will get an opportunity to pass Larkya La (5160m). It is considered an exciting pass that may be an unforgettable memory for you. 

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Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost List

Before heading to Manaslu circuit trekking, let’s gather Manaslu Trek cost information. We have divided the cost into eight categories which will be an ultimate guide to Manaslu Circuit Trek cost. 

Transportation Cost 

You have two options to reach the starting point of Manaslu Trek – Arughat or Sotikhola. The first option is to take a local bus which costs USD 10 per person. Local bus leaves from New Bus Park, Gongabu station around 7-8 am. Traveling by local bus is awkward due to a crowd and frequent stop.

The second option is to take a 4-wheel private jeep. Most preferable by travelers because it makes traveling cozy and comfortable. The seven-seat private jeep cost USD 150 – 200. The total cost can be minimized if you can share it with your own group.

Similarly, returning from Dharapani to Besisahar have also two options – Local jeep and Private Jeep. Local jeep can accommodate 9 passengers which costs USD 10 – 15 per person. After reaching to Besisahar, we can take the local bus which cost USD 6 – 8 per person.

But, if you want to return directly from Dharapani to Kathmandu. It will cost USD 200 – 250 per jeep. This private jeep can adjust 9 passengers in total.

Manaslu Trekking Permit Cost

 For Manaslu Circuit Trek, you need a total of 3 different special permits which are as follows:

1. Manaslu Restricted Permit: 

  • During September to November: USD 100 for the first seven days and USD 15 for each additional days
  • During December to August: USD 75 for the first seven days and USD 10 for each additional days

2. Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP):

  • MCAP Entry Fee for SAARC: USD 10 per person (Including Govt. Tax)
  • MCAP Entry Fee for other nationals: USD 30 per person (Including Govt. Tax)

3. Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP):

  • ACAP Entry Fee for SAARC: USD 10 per person (Including Govt. Tax)
  • ACAP Entry Fee for other nationals: USD 30 per person (Including Govt. Tax)

Tsum valley trek can be a great choice if you choose as a side-trip. For that, you need to add one more permits – Tsum Valley permit. It will cost USD 35 per person for one week.

If you want to continue the Manaslu Trek with Annapurna Circuit and Annapurna Base Camp then you need a TIMS Card. But, only for Manaslu Circuit trekking, you don’t need to bring TIMS card.

The above special permits can only be issued by authorized trekking agencies registered under Nepal Government rules and regulations. To apply for a special Manaslu Trek permit, a minimum of two travelers are required compulsorily.

Due to different permits that are required of this trek, it’s quite confusing to apply. To speed up the permit process, you can contact the local trekking agency.

Compared to the permit cost of Annapurna Base Camp and Everest Base Camp, Manaslu trek permits cost is expensive. Manaslu trek is situated in a restricted region which makes this trek unique. You will discover less-crowd, Himalayan landscape, authentic culture, and tradition.

Guide and Porter Cost

Planning a Manaslu Trek needs a couple of important things that you need to consider. First, you must apply for the special trekking permit with an only authorized trekking agency. The second and most important one, you need at least one professional license-holder guide due to security reasons. 

As you know, the Manaslu trek is situated in a restricted region that shares open-border with Tibet. Without taking a guide, it will make your trip risky due to a lack of local trek route information.

Taking a professional guide is a must for this trek. Normally, guide cost ranges from USD 20 to USD 25 per day. This cost includes the guide’s foods, accommodation, and insurance.

Similarly, for porter cost, it ranges from USD 15 to USD 20 per day. It includes porter’s foods, accommodation, and insurance.

Planning Manaslu Circuit Trek with an experienced porter-guide can be really useful to reduce the total cost. They will carry your bag as well as show you the trekking routes with that same cost.

But, if you want detailed information about local culture, community, and the mountains about trek then they cannot provide enough information due to lack of communication skills.

Food and Accommodation Cost  

Manaslu Trekking is situated in remote areas of Nepal. Normally, mules and local people carry the necessary foods from Soti Khola or Arughat to tea-houses around the Manaslu region. Due to this, foods are pretty expensive.

It also depends on the location of tea-houses. Higher the teahouse’s elevation, the higher the cost of foods. Food costs around USD 5 – 8 per meal. You will get a normal meal –  Nepali Dhal Bhat, Chowmien, MoMo, Thukpa, and other continental foods. 

Teahouse accommodation in the Manaslu circuit trek was started after 2010. Teahouses provide basic room on twin sharing, one common bathroom, common sho, er, and one big dining hall.

In peak season (spring and autumn), trekkers need to accommodate in a single room with other trekkers. Mainly in a place named Dharmashala, we need to stay in a tent due to a crowd.

The cost of the room on twin sharing ranges from USD 6 to 10 per night. Generally, camping is not required unless you plan for Tsum Valley which needs camping for a night or off the beaten tracks in Nepal. 

Drink Cost

  • Normal tea: USD 2 – 5
  • Coffee: USD 2.5 – 6
  • Bottled water: USD 1 – 5
  • Beer: USD 3 – 6
  • Cold drinks: USD 2 – 5

Note: If you want to save the drink cost of water, then you can bring a water purification drop or tablet or filter. Almost in every teahouse stop, you can refill the tap water.

Extra Personal Cost

 Following are the list of personal cost that is not included in the most trekking packages:

Battery Charging cost 

In every teahouse, you will find the charging station to recharge an electronic device such as; Camera, Mobile, Battery, and other digital devices. The cost of recharging ranges from USD 3 – 6 depends on the teahouse locations.

Wifi and Data Pack Cost

Most of the teahouses around the Manaslu region are equipped with an internet connection. It will cost USD 5 – 10 per day. 

Whereas, if you want to save the cost, you can buy a data pack, around USD 10 (3000MB) for 30 days. But, only 60% of areas are covered by a mobile connection in Manaslu Circuit Trek.  

Hot Shower cost

Walking daily 6-7 hours will feel you tired. To refresh every time, you can take a hot shower. The cost of shower ranges from USD 3 – 5 per head. If you are a daring person, you can take a shower with cold water which is generally not advised.

Miscellaneous cost 

Miscellaneous items such as – Toilet paper, tissue paper, chocolate bar, nuts, snacks, and others need to be purchased before heading to trek or around the trekking region. 

The cost of miscellaneous goods around USD 40 – 50 in Kathmandu. If you want to buy in teahouses, it will cost USD 80 – 100. 


How difficult is Manaslu Trek?

To make the answer short and to the point. Make sure that you will able to walk for 6-7 hours a day for Manaslu trek. An important day such as passing the Laryka La, you will have to walk before sunrise to avoid the storm.

Similarly, at Larkya La Pass (5160m), you will have to walk step down – a little harder to pass due to the icy path. In that case, you can use crampon on boots to pass the icy path to reach Bimthang.

Larkya La Pass is the highest point as well as the longest day in Manaslu Circuit Trek. If you complete this day, then another path is quite easy to trek down around the Annapurna Region.

Before heading to Grab all your courage and dedication needed to complete Manaslu Circuit trek. It’s not much difficult that you make think unless you experience by yourself.

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How much does Manaslu Circuit Trek cost? 

The Manaslu trekking cost depends on trekking agencies to agencies. Manaslu Trek cost differs with trekking packages and offering service.

If you check our website, you will find two packages in Manalsu Region – Manaslu Circuit Trek (14 Days) and Tsum Valley & Manaslu Trek (21 days). 

For Manaslu Circuit Trek 14 Days, we are offering in USD 1050 per person. Minimum two travelers are required to apply for a special trekking permit. This Manaslu trek cost package covers all major expenses for 14 days. Trek can also be customized according to your needs (Days, Budget, and Transportation).

Lastly, feel free to contact us if you have any queries related to Manaslu Trek cost or any trekking routes in Nepal. We will respond to your queries immediately.

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