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The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a beautiful trekking trail in Nepal that is less crowded than the popular treks like Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, and Annapurna Circuit Trek.

Manaslu circuit trekking is the best way to experience the true remote adventure in Nepal. This trek rewards the trekkers with alluring views of brilliant sceneries of varying landscapes, hills, fast-flowing rivers, thrilling suspension bridges, and the mesmerizing Himalayas. This trek, you can also get an insight into the remote lifestyles, religion, diverse traditions, and culture. 

This trek is being popular as a noble trekking destination. The Manaslu region is unique. This uniqueness in nature and culture attracts hundreds of trekkers towards the Manaslu region. There were very few teahouses in the Manaslu circuit trail before 2010 when locals started constructing lots of teahouses.

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Trekking Around the Manaslu Circuit

The circular trek around Manaslu region is a great Himalayan experience. The circuit trail offers a wide range of variations to the trekkers. You will be trekking through the less crowded and less traveled trekking trails. 

Trekking to Manaslu means you are trekking into a highly remote and physically demanding one. The culturally enriching and scenically uplifting qualities of the trek will leave you amazed. Trekking through the lowlands with rice and millet fields to the highlands with mesmerizing views of the glistening peaks is an amazing feeling. 

This trek takes you to highlands, very close to Tibet. There, you can observe the lifestyles experienced by the Tibetan lifestyle. Also, the culture and traditions there are more like the culture and traditions in Tibet. We must say, everything about this tour is alluring.

Trekking along the Manaslu Circuit is an amazing way of experiencing the remote life, beautiful landscapes, and a wide range of diversity in wildlife and vegetation. If you want to go on the Manaslu circuit trek with us, contact us. Mount Mania will organize the best Manaslu trek for a lifetime. 

Manaslu Circuit Trek Distance

The incredible trek to Manaslu Circuit begins from Arughat and ends at Besisahar. Starting from the Gorkha district, the trek concludes at the starting point of Annapurna Circuit trek. On this round, the trek route covers a total distance of 177 kilometers.

A typical Manaslu Circuit Trek is a 17 days trip. This makes the per day distance of trekking to be 15 to 20 kilometers (approx). Trekking means walking cool taking your time to view the surroundings and enjoying everything around. Also, you will take short water breaks, breaks for photographs, snacks, and many others at intervals. 

The trek routes are not uniform. The trek route combines rugged terrains, uphill and downhill climbs. It is definitely not easy to walk through such trails. Thus, you should walk at a slow and steady pace. Keep on encouraging yourself with the captivating surrounding vistas.

For you, the Manaslu Circuit trail might seem quite difficult and demanding in the beginning. But you will start feeling the magic of the trail after passing through the majestic trekking trails. The length of the trek will no more be the difficulty factor. 

Manaslu Circuit Trek: Places and Their Distances

Distance from SotiKhola to MachhaKhola

Trekking distance: 14 km
Trekking time: 6 to 7 hours

Distance from MachhaKhola to Jagat

Trekking distance: 22km
Trekking time: 6 to 7 hours

Distance from Jagat to Deng

Trekking distance: 19.9 km
Trekking time: 6 to 7 hours

Distance from Deng to Namrung

Trekking distance: 19.5 km
Trekking time: 6 to 7 hours

Distance from Namrung to Samagaon

Trekking distance: 17.7 km 
Trekking time: 6 to 7 hours

Distance from Samagaon to Samdo

Trekking distance: 16.4 km
Trekking time: 4 hours

Distance from Samdo to Dharamsala

Trekking distance: 12 km
Trekking time: 4 to 5 hours

Distance from Dharamsala to Bimthang via Larkya La pass

Trekking distance: 24.7 km
Trekking time: 7 to 9 hours

Distance from Bimthang to Dharapani 

Trekking distance: 16 km
Trekking Time: 5 to 6 hours

Manaslu Circuit Trek With or Without A Guide or Porter?

Trekking to Manaslu is an adventurous journey. Solo treks to Manaslu are not doable since many places on the circuit trails are the restricted trekking areas. There are lots of trekkers who prefer to trek on the amazing Manaslu trails alone. However, you must trek with a guide or a porter or you cannot trek. 

Trekking with a guide ensures your safety. You will always have someone by your side who will take care of whatever comes on your way. You will have a friend to talk with rather than walking the long distance alone. Also, a guide will help you with booking the teahouses or lodges during the peak seasons. During Manaslu Treks in Autumn and Spring, you must book earlier for your accommodation and food. 

Hiring a porter during the Manaslu Circuit trek is always advantageous. A porter will carry all your loads. You won’t have to worry about the length of the trail and carrying all your loads. This will help you avoid Manaslu Circuit trek difficulty due to length. 

Make your trip memorable with Mount Mania. We will organize the best Manaslu Circuit trek for you. We can also help you arrange for the guides and porters. Feel free to Contact Us.

Major Attractions of Manaslu Circuit Trek 

Larkya La Pass

The Larkya La pass, 5200 meters, is the highest point on the trek. This pass is a nerve-shaking one. Crossing the pass is exciting and adventurous at the same time. The top of the pass remains covered with ice and snow in general. 

Larkya La pass is the highest point on the trek. It is a challenging peak. But the views from the top are amazing! You will see the best views of Mt. Manaslu and its neighboring peaks.

Crossing the Larkya La Pass

The Larkya La pass, 5200 meters, is the highest point on the trek. This pass is a nerve-shaking one. Crossing the pass is exciting and adventurous at the same time. The top of the pass remains covered with ice and snow in general. 

The highest point on the pass is windy. So, trekkers start at 3 am in the morning to cross the pass before the top gets highly windy. Crossing the pass in peak seasons is less tough than at other times. Autumn (September, October, November) and Spring (March, April, and May) are the peak seasons for Manaslu CIrcuit trek.

During these times, the weather remains fairly stable than in other times. Also, there will be less ice and snow than in winter. Crossing Larkya La pass during monsoon is very tough. Due to frequent rain and snowfall, the trekking trail becomes more tough and dangerous.

During winter, the pass remains closed for trekking. This is because of excessive snowfall. The pass remains dipped inside the huge lumps of snow. Also, during winter and monsoon, the weather and climatic conditions are also very unstable. Thus, the Manaslu CIrcuit trek is difficult in off-seasons.

Thrilling Suspension bridges

There are many long and high suspension bridges on the Manaslu circuit trail. Walking over them is a thrilling experience. Also, there are many small bridges at some places that get washed off by monsoon rain every year.

The splendid Himalayas

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a beautiful trek blessed with gracious views of the mesmerizing Himalayas. While trekking, you will see the grand Annapurna’s on the west. Towards the east, you will see the splendid views of Ganesh Himal. You will also see the gorgeous views of Manaslu Himal

Peaceful Trails

Among all the trekkers visiting Nepal every year, less than two percent of trekkers trek in the Manaslu Circuit. Thus, the Manaslu circuit trail is less crowded as compared to the popular trekking routes in Nepal like Everest Base camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit, and many others. Trekking to the Manaslu circuit is a perfect choice for those who are looking for quiet trails in peak seasons.

Wild and Remote Trails

Since less traveled, the trekking trials in Manaslu are wild, remote, and original. You will trek through the subtropical jungles at lower elevations. You will follow the splendid trails from the Himalayan foothills to Larkya La, where your head touches the sky.   

Some Tips That Can Reduce Manaslu Trek Difficulty Due to Distance

Trek in a Group

While trekking in a group, there will be interactions and fun with your trek partners. This will keep your mind occupied and you won’t feel like the trail is so long. Trekking in a joyous mood with friends, guides, and porters and interacting among them will make the trail short and memorable.

Training and Preparation

This trek is a long duration trek. You will be trekking in the most remote parts of Nepal. The trails are certainly not easy and comfortable. Thus, practicing some exercises and doing training before going will help a lot. Aerobic training and exercises will boost your endurance. It will give you the strength to cope with weather and thin air at the high altitudes. This will help against altitude sickness also.

Hire a Porter

Hiring a porter means walking freely without having to carry your clothing and gears. Trekking without carrying your load is far easier. So, if you are wondering if you should hire a porter or not, I suggest you hire one. Trust me, you will thank me for my advice later.

Wear Comfortable Trekking Boots

If your shoes are not comfortable, your trek is close to ‘spoiled’. So, get a perfect pair of comfortable hiking boots. Better if they have sturdy soles as you have to trek through iced stone stairs while descending from the Larkya La pass. 

When you buy your shoes, attend some short hikes wearing them. This will help you in experimenting if you’ll get blisters or ankle pains, or many other things. 

Final Review on Manaslu Trek

If you are looking forward to going on treks with us. Feel free to contact us. We organize wonderful travels and tours in Nepal. 

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