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One of the most important aspects of trekking to the Manaslu Circuit in Nepal is eating well. Your travel is shaped by the local cuisine, which also determines your recollections. Similarly, consuming foods and beverages high in proteins, minerals, and carbs will help you stay strong while hiking on high-altitude paths like Nepal's Tsum Valley and the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Your body needs a lot of energy to walk uphill and downhill for an extended period. So, a trip requires nice meals to be successful. Additionally, while trekking in Nepal, eating a satisfying supper that replenishes your body till the evening is a requirement.

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You won't find such luxurious lodging on the Manaslu trekking route because it is a secluded and limited region trip. The lodging on the Manaslu Circuit Nepal Trek is quite handy yet fairly modest in terms of service. You'll be staying in lodges or teahouses. There is a common area for eating and unwinding in these teahouses. At night, you can stay toasty by the fire. Locals in the area run these teahouses and lodges. Dharmasala, where you must stay one night at a traditional inn for travelers, is built to resemble an old inn.

It gives travelers the chance to stay in genuine rural settings in the Manaslu region. You must therefore have a dependable and warm sleeping bag if you plan to trek the Manaslu Circuit in Nepal. You will receive the menu at the hotel where you are staying, and it will list specific meal items. Depending on where and what you eat, food ranges in price from USD 3 to USD 8. As Manaslu is less populated, finding a place to stay is not a major problem.

Manaslu Trek Accommodation

manaslu trek accommodation

Soti Khola

Your next stop will be Soti Khola once you've reached Kathmandu. You can stay in Maccha Khola instead of Sotikhola if you depart early in the morning. The teahouses at the Manaslu circuit location provide trekkers with basic services including food and lodging. Additionally, they offer phones and Wifi connections for communication. The Soti Khola is home to five guesthouses:

  • Satkar Guest House
  • Fulbari Guest House
  • Tsum Valley Guest House
  • ABC Guest House
  • Green Valley Guest House

Machha Khola

You will arrive in Machha Khola on the second day of your journey after walking from Soti Khola for 6 to 7 hours. In addition to offering meals and lodging, the teahouses along the Manaslu Trek also offer WiFi, phone service, and hot showers. However, there is a fee associated with this service. There are four distinct teahouses here that you can choose from. Some of the teahouses are:

  • Everest Guest House
  • Tsum Valley Guest House
  • Hilltop Guest House
  • Larkey Guest House


On the third day of your trek, you will arrive in Jagat after a 7-hour hike from Maccha Khola. Starting at Jagat, a limited permit is available for the Tsum Valley Manaslu trip. You must provide your permit and register it at a checkpoint. In Jagat, four guesthouses offer satellite phones and wifi. They are:

  • Rubi Nala Guest House
  • Jagat Guest House
  • Himalayan Tourist Guest House
  • Manaslu Santi Guest House


This is where Manaslu's restricted area begins. On your route to Deng, you will be required to present your permissions at a checkpoint. There is WiFi available in these teahouses in the Manaslu trekking area, but there are no hot showers. In Deng, there are three inns. They are:

  • Shangrila Cottage
  • New Manaslu Guest House
  • Windy Valley Guest House


You move toward Namrung from Deng. You will spend the night at one of Namrung's teahouses, which provide hot showers and WiFi, after completing a 6-to 7-hour climb. The list of tea houses is as follows:

  • Nubri Four Season Resort
  • Namrung Thakali Guest House
  • Namrung Guest House


During the Manaslu circle trip, Lho has four tea shops. You have access to wifi, sky phones, and hot showers from them. The four teahouses are:

  • Lama Guest House
  • Majestic Manaslu
  • Tashi Dalek Guest House
  • Namaste Guest House

Sama Gaun

To get to Sama Gaun, a little town at a height of 3530 meters, you must hike for 4 hours. During the Nepalese Manaslu trek, there are 7 guest rooms in Sama Gaun, which is located at a height of 3530 meters. These inns offer comfortable lodging with hot showers, WiFi, and satellite phones. The teahouses are:

  • Norling Guest House
  • Gurung Cottage Guest House
  • Mount Manaslu Guest House
  • Nobri Valley Guest House
  • Tashi Dalek Guest House
  • Peace Heaven Guest House
  • Sama Gaun Guest House


You reach Samdo on your climb to Manaslu Nepal after four hours of hiking from Sama Gaun. This is a tiny village with a settlement. Three guest homes exclusively offer WiFi. They are:

  • Jambala Guest House
  • Yak Hotel
  • Tibetan Twin Hotel


Dharmasala, often referred to as Larke Phedi throughout the Manaslu circuit, is the final stop before going over Larke La Pass. Dharmasala has just two guest homes. There is no WiFi or a hot shower in these primitive teahouses. In this location, you will get a wonderful experience with the genuine remote Himalayan lifestyle. The two guesthouses are:

  • House Guest Larkey
  • Guest House Jambala


You will enter Bimthang as you leave Dharmasala and cross the Larke La Pass. Around this Manaslu circuit area, several teahouses provide amenities like hot baths and WiFi. These teahouses include:

  • Himalayan Guest House
  • Sushma Guest House
  • Apple Garden
  • Ganga Manaslu
  • Mountain Poker Cottage


Your final stop on the Manaslu Nepal trip before you head back to Kathmandu is Dharapani. You will have decent lodging and food here, however the cost will depend on your budget. Additionally, you can locate accommodations with attached bathrooms, hot water, WiFi, and phone services.

Manalsu Trek Food 

manaslu trek food

Can I eat meat or other non-vegetarian items while trekking the Manaslu Circuit?

On the Manaslu hike, meat is not strictly forbidden. The choice is yours. However, at high elevations, we do not advise consuming non-vegetarian or meat products. Additionally, we forbid our trekkers from consuming non-vegetarian meals. Your digestive system is already under stress at higher altitudes, which is the main cause of this. Proteins will therefore make the digestion process more difficult. Non-vegetarian food, which is incredibly high in proteins, requires time and energy to digest. It strains your metabolism and can occasionally cause altitude sickness like HAFE. On the Manalsu trek, trekkers who consume meat products typically lament having acid reflux and indigestion the next day. You can consume a sufficient number of non-vegetarian food that are high in carbohydrates and fat in place of animal products.

Manaslu Trek Accommodation Cost 

manaslu trek dinning room

How much does lodging cost in the Manaslu area?

The price of lodging varies according to the trekking season and the height attained during the trek. In high season, accommodations in lower altitudes cost between US $3 and $5. However, the cost of lodging rises as you go, to about $7 to $10 US. In lower altitudes during the off-season, you can get a hotel for $2 to $3 US. But as you go higher, the price rises to about $5 to $7 US.

What kinds of rooms are offered at the teahouses around Manaslu?

While you are at a lower elevation at the beginning of the climb, you can have a single room with an attached bathroom. However, the level of service and amenities will decrease as you ascend to a higher altitude. You will be given a twin-sharing room with a normal bathroom at the teahouse. Two single beds, a mattress, a pillow, and a cozy blanket will be in the room.

Do the rooms have a heating system?

No, there isn't a heating system in the rooms of the teahouses. In contrast, the dining area, where you will spend most of your time relaxing, will have a typical heater.

Can you camp while doing the Manaslu Trek?

Camping is indeed an option for the Manaslu Trek. However, you'll need to employ porters to transport the camping supplies and equipment.

Feel free to contact us, if you are a planning a trip to Manaslu Circuit Trek or any other trip in Manaslu region, we will help you to create a customized itinerary on your specified month and cost.  

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