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  • Rupak Parajuli

Rara lake is a magnificent beauty that adds a touch of calm to your life and reminds you that life shouldn’t always be rushed. It is also known as the Queen of Lakes. Situated in the remote northern part of the western region of Nepal, Rara Lake is situated at an altitude of 2990 meters. It is regarded as a gem of Rara National Park and covers an area of 10.8 square kilometers.

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The boundary of this pristine lake is made up of green hills. As the winters are cold which makes the water freeze and the summers are cool, the best season to visit Rara lake is between March and December.

Major Attractions of Rara Lake 

Vividly Bright

If you ask anyone who has visited the Rara lake which lake has the bluest water then they will definitely say Rara Lake. The lakes illustrate three different colors in one day and people have not yet figured out how it does it. The lake also keeps on changing its background.

Mirror Effect

As the water of the lake is crystal clear, you will see a mirror effect on its surface. When you look forward while boating, you will see the hills that surround the lake and if you look at the surface of the lake then the same hills will be reflected on it. You will be considered extremely lucky if you stay there overnight.

Source of the Meaning of Life

As the lake is located at a high altitude, it feels as if birds are dancing and the air is singing when you get to the lake. The cleanliness and the coolness of the air make you realize that you are alive and you are breathing. Looking into the lake and seeing the endemic fish species playing makes all your tiredness wash away and makes you feel alive.

Nepal's Biggest Lake

Surrounded by green hills, Rara Lake is the biggest lake in Nepal with a depth of 167 meters and covering 10.8 square kilometers in area. The water that drains from the Rara lake is received by the Mugu Karnali River.

Pristine and Less Crowded

Rara lake is in immaculate condition as it is untouched by human civilization. The accommodations, boating, and airports are kept only for the facilitation of people's journeys.

A Perfect Place for Meditation

Saints who have devoted their whole lives for transcendence have done it in the Himalayas of Nepal. It is believed that such a place contains spiritual energy and so Rara lake is the perfect place for meditation as the experience makes you more in tune with your own self and nature. 

Hiking in Nearby Hills

The Rara Lake is surrounded by green hills which are perfect for going on a hike. Since Rara lake covers a wide area, you can get a bird's eye view of the lake from the hills. While hiking, you might stumble upon different kinds of flora and fauna.

How to Go from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj)? 

You have two options on how to get to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu. The first option is to get a flight from Kathmandu. It is also the fastest option as it takes 1 hour to reach Nepalgunj from Kathmandu. Different local airlines have at least five flights daily that leave for Nepalgunj. The price is expensive as it can range anywhere from USD 180 on a one-way ticket for foreigners while it is anywhere from USD 40 to 70 for Nepali nationals. If you are on a budget, this option is not recommended.

The next option is to take a deluxe bus which costs around USD 15. While it usually takes twelve hours to reach Nepalgunj, it depends on the traffic and road conditions. Rainy season does a lot of damage to the road so it is especially bad during it. The ideal time to visit the lake is in September and October or April and May. Access to the road may be blocked by heavy snowfall during the winter months. Night buses are available as well and the buses depart from New Bus Station.

Ways to Reach Rara Lake

There are a number of ways by which you can get to Rara lake. You can get there via a flight or drive there or you have the option to trek there. How to get there is always your own choice.

Flight to Rara Lake

You can get a flight from Nepalgunj airport to Talcha airport which is the easiest way to reach Rara lake. This is the fastest way to get there but can be expensive.

Driving to Rara Lake

Getting to Rara lake from Nepalgunj, Jumla or Surkhet by driving in a jeep is the second easiest option to get to Rara lake. It is about half an hour's walk from the last driving destination to get to Rara lake.

Trekking to Rara Lake

If you are trekking to Rara lake then you will pass by the Rara National Park which is full of alpine coniferous vegetation. The national park has more than 20 mammal species, 214 bird species and 500 flora types any of which you might stumble. The park is home to wildlife like the Ghorals, leopard, black deer, red panda and many more. It is also well-loved by migratory birds. Trekking also helps you to know about the inhabitants of Jumla'a culture, language, and rural life. Jumla is famous for organic apple production and Marsi Chamal is the only paddy that is cultivated in the world's highest altitude.

Accommodation on Rara Lake

Homestays are available in villages near Rara lake. The Red Panda Hotel is available if you wish to stay at Rara lake but you have to reserve the rooms beforehand as they might get packed. They also have a provision of tents and other feasible ways to serve customers.

Things To Do in Rara lake

Hike to Murma Viewpoint

This viewpoint lets you see the whole lake as well as the area surrounding it. You can also see the mountain peaks in the distance. The hike is a lovely walk as you may stumble upon the flora and fauna that reside there. While there are villages nearby the lake, none of them are situated at the water's edge.

Take a Portrait

The locals here are very friendly and love to have their picture taken. The local kids also love to show off if they a camera being pointed at them. You should ask for their permission first though. For a wild bareback gallop, they're very good at jumping on horses without saddles.

Ride a Horse

If you wish to ride a horse, the required gears and guides will be provided if you ask a local there. The trail all around the lake is perfect for horse riding but if you want to go a little faster, then there are open pastures nearby.

Set the Hammock and Sleep Intent

If you wish you can rent a hammock from the Red Panda Hotel or bring your own hammock. You can find a shady spot, read a good book and relax. The area is perfect for stargazing but there is a hotel by the lake that will rent you rooms if you do not wish to stay out in the open. If you wish to get online then there is a mobile data reception from the hotel down the trail but we recommend you to just enjoy nature and be away from electronics.

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