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Manaslu Circuit Trek is regarded as Nepal's second-best trekking route after the Annapurna circuit. You can anticipate stunning mountain trails and scenic pathways that have mainly escaped urbanization during your excursion. Eight of the world's tallest mountains, including Mt. Manaslu, which is 8163 meters high, can be seen on this off-the-beaten-path trek. The Larkya La Pass, one of longest passes, rises to a height of 5106 meters (16,752 feet) near the top of the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

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We need to take into account all the possible outcomes when designing the ideal excursion. Although we have no control over the weather, we can advise you on when to trek to Manaslu base camp. Here is a list of the best seasons or months to finish your Manaslu Trek:

Manaslu Trek in Spring Season

Manaslu Trek in March

As the first month of this season, March, the entire region welcomes spring. New flower buds can be spotted on the forest walks in the lower region because winter has just ended. Throughout this month, the trails will be serene and quiet, allowing you to savor the unspoiled splendor. You may capture breathtaking images of nature unhindered. For those who are looking forward to peace and beauty, this month is ideal. During this time of year, the frozen lakes start to melt, flooding the streams. In addition, a lot of the villagers who trekked down to the city throughout the winter will be coming back. The pleasant temperatures and calm weather provide excellent visibility of the surroundings. In March, one can anticipate a crystal-clear sky with sunny days. The cold temperature continues to rise with elevation. The weather will continue to be cool during this month even if the winter season has recently ended. The lower portions, however, are warmer than the upper ones.

Manaslu Trek in April

One of the greatest times to walk Manaslu, according to trekkers, is in April. In addition, it is the busiest month for trekking in Nepal, right after March. Likewise, a lot of professionals and climbers trek to Manaslu during this month with their clients. Similar to this, rhododendrons in various colors can be observed in the forest's flowers. If anyone wants to trek in April, the weather is ideal. The trail is crowded, nevertheless, due to the busy season. Most of the tea establishments are full. If you plan to hike Manaslu in April, it is advised that you make reservations for the tea houses in advance.

Manaslu Trek in May

May is a sign that spring is winding down. On the mountainside, you can still glimpse some spring wildflowers. It's possible to experience pre-monsoon rain in late May as the month transitions from spring to summer. In May, you can take advantage of both the spring and monsoon. There is less privacy because the paths are just as packed from mid-May through early June. However, the crowd thins out by the month's conclusion. Since May is also the month of the expedition, both hikers and climbers use these trails. During the Manaslu hike in May, the weather might change quickly.

If you prefer hiking in mild rain, this month is the best time to do it. Due to the impending monsoon, the air is a little humid. When traveling in the latter part of May, you must have rain gear. It is, however, also the hottest month of springtime. In May, the temperature fluctuates between 4 and 25 degrees Celsius. The temperature may rise to 25 degrees during the day and fall to 4 degrees at night. The weather is consistent and offers adventure to intrepid travelers.

Springtime presents a medium level of difficulty. Outside of early March and late May, the weather can be harsh, but otherwise, everything is fine. Since you won't require snow equipment, it is appropriate for trekkers without technical knowledge. 

Manaslu Trek in Monsoon Season

Manaslu Trek in June

The monsoon season in Nepal begins in June and lasts through August. The monsoon, however, doesn't begin until the final week of June. Up until the end of June, the conditions are ideal for Manaslu. The temperature starts to rise, and there is a chance of rain. As the day goes on, the temperature drops, creating the perfect conditions for walking. If you intend to hike to Manaslu in June, bring high-ankle boots. Additionally, pack bug repellent, which is useful in a low-altitude, humid environment, to protect oneself.

Manaslu Trek in July

The monsoon season begins in July. The rich woodlands and diverse vegetation seem to make this month very enjoyable. Rainfall is mainly responsible for bringing waterfalls, brooks, streams, and cascades to life. With the various waterfalls, lush greenery, and hide-and-seek games between the mountain and clouds, they take on an exceptionally dramatic quality. The situation is extreme because it is possible to see landslides and blockages of the street in many different ways. Similar to the above, unexpected rain and clouds cause the flight to be rescheduled or canceled. You must prepare yourself with the proper equipment if you plan to go up to Manaslu in July. You must also recognize the obstacles and challenges on your path.

The only Himalayan regions that are suitable for hiking at this time of year are those that are in the rain shadow, such as Upper Mustang, the Annapurna Circuit, and Upper Dolpo.

Manaslu Trek in August

In Nepal, August is the start of the main monsoon season, which has more rain than July. The rain increases the challenge along the road while also causing the plants to grow healthily. A landslide could be caused by intense rain; in some situations, it could become more and more problematic.

Manaslu Trek in Autumn Season

Manaslu Trek in September

September sits in between the monsoon season's off-season and the nicest part of autumn. You will have various experiences throughout the entire month of September depending on which portion of September you select. The monsoon is gradually bidding goodbye to the area. Early September is when there may be brief, light rainstorms. By the middle of September, you may take advantage of pleasant temperatures and sunny, clear days. The weather gets more consistent, and the paths begin to dry out. With clear views of the surroundings and a comfortable atmosphere, you may enjoy your treks.

Manaslu Trek in October

The most exciting and entertaining month in the fall is October. During this season, people celebrate the two major holidays, Dashain and Tihar. It is without a doubt the ideal time to hike Manaslu. A rare and untainted beauty can be found in the Manaslu region during this busy month of autumn. Trekkers visiting these regions will clog the highways and motels. By all accounts, this month has a great climate. This month's temperatures, which range from 12 to 18 degrees, are perfect for hiking. Similarly, the clear vision of the amazing perspective is enhanced by the brilliant and cool day. The weather becomes more consistent, neither too chilly nor too hot. Similarly, for individuals who enjoy nature, seeing mountains, woods, waterfalls, streams, cascades, and birds flying can be a wonderful experience.

Manaslu Trek in November

Manaslu trekking is probably best done in November. Given the cool weather and the fact that it's the driest month of the year, it qualifies as a fantastic month for trekking. The trekkers will find it simple to move along the dry path. Additionally, the clear sky makes it possible to see several stunning landscapes and mountain ranges. November is the ideal month to trek in Nepal if you want to escape the grubby yet still ideal season. The annual Manaslu trail race takes place in Manaslu from the first to the third week of November.

Manaslu Trek in Winter Season

Manaslu Trek in December

Beginning in December, the temperature drops. In the lower parts, where the temperature is often 8 degrees Celsius, you may enjoy the journey. The temperature might drop as much as 8 degrees Celsius as you ascend. The coldest times are at night and in the early mornings. Make sure to include sleeping bags that can withstand temperatures as low as -15 degrees Celsius. The majority of the tea shops in the region don't offer indoor heating. Make sure you bring warm clothing. However, the days are crisp and sunny. The mountains offer pure skies and stunning sunrises and sunsets. The mountain peaks and hillsides are visible in some of their best views. Mid-December brings too much cold. Samdo and other higher Manaslu Circuit trek communities' residents pack up. As a result, the majority of the teahouses, lodges, and eateries in the region close for the year. You can come equipped with camping gear. Some villagers will be seen remaining behind to tend to the household and animals.

Manalsu Trek in January

The coldest month is often January. The current temperature is too low; it could drop as low as 15 degrees Celsius or 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Given that this region occasionally has winter storms during this month of the year, it is challenging to predict the heat. In Manaslu, January is one of the less crowded months for trekking because of the region's chilly and icy temperature. Even though it's chilly outside, the sky is bright and pleasant all day. In January, the view of the snow-covered mountains is clear, with cascades, waterfalls, lakes, and streams all cemented. The worst month is January since it is icy on the high pass and probably snowy. However, from the first to the third week of January, it is typical to see a few hikers in Manaslu. The camps before and after the high pass, Dharmasala, and Bhimtang, may be closed. There are various other options in that case. Each business organizes for the winter differently. The majority of firms set up rustic camps in Dharmasala and Bhimtang. 

Manalsu Trek in February

February has consistently been a month of falling snow over the last few years. However, the most dramatic, which can occasionally be very dangerous if there is a lot of snowfall. February begins with bitterly cold temperatures and warms up to a new spring. Midway through February, winter begins to disappear. The temperature rise coincides with the melting of snow. In the woodlands, rhododendron and other flowers also start to bloom. A hiker begins exploring the Himalayas around mid-February. But because of the significant snowfall in the spring of 2019, popular trails including the Annapurna Circuit Trek and Manaslu were closed. Before forming a plan, kindly confirm that you will speak with us.


The best seasons for trekking on the Manaslu circuit are spring and autumn. Ideal times for the fall window are from mid-October through mid-December. The best time for spring is from the middle of March through the first week of June. Manaslu's journey is also achievable in the winter if you're willing to make a few adjustments. Just because it's cold, but December through mid-January has the clearest skies. It used to be difficult to reach the trailhead during the monsoon, but a recently built road between Kathmandu and Arughat may potentially aid in the future to provide easier access for Manaslu Circuit Trek.

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