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December marks the beginning of winter. It is not a popular season for Mardi Himal trekking. If you are looking for the quiet trails and gorgeous views of Mardi Himal and surroundings blanketing under the snow, December is your time.

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Mardi Himal Trek is a beautiful trek that is growing popular among the enthusiastic trekkers. Mardi Himal is one of the 10 best short treks in Nepal.

Being an easy and beautiful trek in the Annapurna region of Nepal, Mardi Himal trek is attracting both foreign and domestic tourists. The short trek to Mardi Himal is amazingly beautiful. This trek takes you through enchanting scenic vistas. Being a newly established trek route, trekking in Mardi Himal is sorted by those who love exploring new places.

Sharing bonding with beautiful nature and the stunning Himalayas, you will collect memories of a lifetime. The views of Machapuchhre, Annapurna, Mardi Himal, and many other peaks will leave you to spell-bounded. This trek combines biodiversity and cultural diversity. You will be walking into the Gurung villages enjoying their lifestyle, culture, and traditions.

December marks the beginning of winter. It is not a popular season for Mardi Himal trekking. If you are looking for the quiet trails and gorgeous views of Mardi Himal and surroundings blanketing under the snow, December is your time.

Mardi Himal region becomes dry due to the lowest precipitation in December. However, it snows at the higher altitudes. You will see the trails covered in snow and ice. Towards the end of December, due to heavy snow, the trails might get blocked also.

If you are trekking to Mardi Himal in December, you should make big plans and preparations. With adequate gear against cold and snow, you can trek. Also, the main thing is to be alert if there is any news about bad weather. Weather can get worse at any time.

Mardi Himal Trek Trip Highlights

  • Stunning views of Mount Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Mardi Himal, Manaslu, Machhapuchhre, and some others.
  • Exploring the beautiful villages at Siding, Liwang, Phedi, etc.  
  • The Gurung lifestyles, traditions, and culture.
  • The forest camp, high camp, and Mardi Himal Base Camp itself.
  • The snow-covered trails.

Mardi Himal Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival at Kathmandu Airport

Day 2: Drive to Pokhara by Tourist Bus (6-7 hrs)

Day 3: Drive from Pokhara to Phedi and Trek to Pothana (1990 m)

Day 4: Trek from Pothana to Low Camp (3150 m)

Day 5: Trek from Low Camp to High Camp (4100 m)

Day 6: Explore around High Camp and back to Low Camp (3150 m)

Day 7: Trek from Low Camp to Siding Village (1280m)

Day 8: Trek from Siding Village to Milan Chowk and Drive to Pokhara

Day 9: Drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu (6-7 hrs)

Day 10: Departure

Food and Lodging During Mardi Himal Trek in December

You really don't have to worry about food and lodging while trekking in Mardi Himal in December. There are plenty of teahouses on the trekking trails of Mardi Himal. In fact, there is no very long distance between them.

December has shorter days. Thus, starting early you will reach the teahouses before sunset without having to hustle. The longest day on the trek is a trek to Forest Camp from Deurali or from Landrung.

At the base camp of Mardi Himal, there are no lodges or teahouses. You will be visiting the base camp on a returning day hike from High Camp. Though December is an off-season to trek in Mardi Himal, the lodges en route will remain open.

The lodges have big comfortable rooms to sleep in. The dining halls are warm. They use gas heaters or the traditional firewood heater to warm the hall. Rooms do not have heaters. You should carry a sleeping bag. They will be really helpful for cold nights at higher places.

The lodges have food menus in English. The lodge owners can communicate in English. You can have your breakfasts, lunch, and dinner of your choice from the menus. They also provide boiled water for a certain cost.

Though the lodges are basic, they provide good services. You can charge your electronic gadget, get hot showers, extra blankets, boiled water, and several other services for extra charges.

Mardi Himal Trek: With or Without a Guide

For Mardi Himal trekking, a guide is a personal choice. This is not a restricted trekking area in Nepal. So, there are no rules and regulations stating you must go with a guide. This trek is a tea house trek and hence arranging for food and accommodation is not so difficult. And when you are going in December, you will have plenty of empty teahouses en route where you can stay.

The trekking trails to Mardi Himal is a trekker friendly trail. The trails are well marked. Thus, route finding is easier. However, December being a dry winter month, there are chances of seeing dumps of snow en route. On the trails at the upper parts of the trek, you might have to walk over lumps of snow and ice.

Also, weather changes are uncertain at higher elevations in December. A guide is a man with safe advice during poor weather cases. They will help you make wise decisions during emergencies. Also, they will help you in case you get ill or injured.

Trekking with a guide in Mardi Himal is always beneficial over trekking alone. Trekking with a guide means trekking with a companion. They will take steps along with yours making sure you are always safe and are having a healthy trek. They will provide you information on weather, culture, mountains, plants, wildlife, and everything along the trail.

There are lots of trekkers who desire to walk alone. They, who walk alone bring a guidebook. The Mardi Himal trek guide has all the required information about the trek. It’s totally your choice, trek with or without a guide. But make sure, you are comfortable with it.

Permits Required for Mardi Himal Trekking

Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP)

The ACAP permit is available in Kathmandu Tourism Board. You can also get it at Annapurna Conservation Area Project, Dam side-Pokhara. The cost of the ACAP permit is Rs. 2000.

Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS)

You can obtain this permit at the office of the Nepal Tourism Board in Kathmandu. It costs Rs. 1000 per person.

Mardi Himal Trek Difficulty in December

Altitude and Distance

During Mardi Himal trek, we will reach the highest altitude of 4500 meters. This is a high altitude. If you are someone who has been living at the sea level, you are prone to altitude sickness during this trek. You should be very careful. Drink plenty of water, walk slow, take care of your body and try to prevent injuries.

The other difficulty factor is the Mardi Himal trek distance. The total length that you will be covered by walking is 64.30 meters. Trekking over the rugged and remote trails id difficult. Also in December, the trails at higher altitudes will remain dipped inside piles of snow and ice. The section from forest camp to Mardi Base Camp and back includes some technical sections that are very tough in December.

Temperature and Weather

December is a winter month. While trekking to Mardi Himal in December, you will have a hard time coping with the chills and bad weather. The temperature during nights and mornings are very cold at higher altitudes. The temperature declines below the freezing temperatures. You should gear up with very warm clothing to beat the freezing cold and wind chills.

Also, the weather at the higher altitudes becomes very harsh in December. The higher altitudes might get windy with chances of heavy snowfalls. You will have a hard time trekking at higher altitudes if the weather becomes bad.

Useful Tips for Mardi Himal Trekking in December

Bring Adequate Gear

Trekking in December means you’ll have to beat a really harsh winter chill. With inappropriate and insufficient warm gears, Mardi trek is not only tough but is impossible. Make a list of things that you will need. Buy them and pack them properly. Try to avoid unnecessary items. Pack light, but include all the essentials.

Careful of Altitude Sickness

At any height above 2500 meters, you are under the threat of altitude sickness. You should be very careful. Remember to keep your body hydrated. Also, you should maintain a constant pace of walk while ascending. Gaining heights swiftly is something that can cause difficulty in breathing, nausea, etc. These are the symptoms of altitude sickness. Descend down to lower altitudes as soon as you see any signs.

Wear Trekking Boots with Good Grips

The trails will be filled with snow and slippery ice at the higher places in December. So, you must wear boots with sturdy soles that provide firm grips. This will prevent your feet from slipping and will prevent injuries.

Carry Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are great for descends and ascend. You should be very careful while walking, especially at the tough sections between the high camp and Mardi Base Camp. Trekking poles will help for your knees and also will provide grips while walking on the trails with snow.

Keep Updated on Weather Forecast

December is an offseason to trek. The major reason why it is less preferred is because of the frequent weather changes in the region. Trekking at the higher altitudes is really tough if the weather becomes bad. The places can get windy with dark clouds hovering above your head. Sometimes, it might snow in the middle of the trek. You must keep updated on the local weather forecasts during the trek.

Packing List for Mardi Himal Trek in December

December is a winter month at the Annapurna region. In winter, the temperature will be very cold, especially at the high altitudes. What you pack for your trek will determine what your trek will be like. Packing is solely your choice. However, if you need some ideas on What to pack for Mardi Himal trek in winter, here is a list. Have a look:


  • Thermal Innerwear (both top and bottom)
  • Trekking T-shirts full sleeve (woolen or warm)
  • Trekking trousers (warm and fleece)
  • Woolen socks (few pairs)
  • Trekking socks (few pairs)
  • Hand gloves (woolen and fleece)
  • Beanie
  • Warm cap or hats
  • Jackets (windproof, down, and fleece)
  • A good quality trekking boots with firm grips and ankle support
  • Crampons
  • Sunglasses with UV protection


  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Moisturizer for face and body
  • Sunscreen lotion with high SPF
  • Sanitizer Gel
  • Anti-bacterial Handwash or soap
  • Shampoos
  • Sanitary pads or Tampons (for women who are menstruating)


  • A good quality sleeping bag
  • Trekking Poles
  • Solar Torch
  • Water purifiers
  • Thermal Flask
  • Camera and extra batteries
  • A power bank


With a strong determination, you can achieve anything. Though Mardi Himal trek in December is demanding and challenging, you can reach the base camp with strong will power and a good plan. Come, explore the beautiful Mardi Himal Base Camp in December with us. We will help you plan a perfect winter trek to Mardi Himal. Contact us.

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