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Peak Climbing in Nepal, is an exciting adventure that takes you to the summit of amazing Himalayas. According to a survey conducted by the Nepal Government and the Nepal Mountaineering Association, there are a total of 3310 walking and climbing peaks above 5500 meters.

With this, the number of peaks open for commercial climbing, including eight-thousanders, has reached 414 and among them, 72 are above 7000 meters.

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As we are getting closer to Visit Nepal 2020, the Government of Nepal has launched different discount offers for popular peak and mountain. To promote peaks and attract more climbers to Nepal Himalaya, the government has made zero climbing fees for the less popular peak and mountain.

Zero Peak Climbing Permit Fee

Mount Cho Oyu (8188 m)

Mount Cho Oyu, is the sixth highest mountain in Nepal. It is located 20 kilometers west of Mount Everest. The name ' Cho Oyu ' is the Tibetan language, meaning ' Turquoise Goddess.' Locals also call the mountain the "powerful head of the goddess."

Api Himal (7132 m)

Api Himal is the less known and rarely visited Himalayas of Nepal. It lies in the extreme northwest corner, near the borders of Tibet. It is the highest peak in the Yoka Pahar Section of Gurans Himal. 

Saipal Himal (7031 m)

Saipal Himal is located in the northwestern part of Nepal. It offers off the beaten path experiences and considered most adventurous. 

Ganesh Himal (7422 m)

Ganesh Himal lies in the north-central of Nepal. The name Ganesh means Lord Ganesh or Elephant God and worshipped as the "God of Fortune" by Hindus all over the world. The mountain peaks of Ganesh, Ganesh II, Ganesh III, and Ganesh IV form the Ganesh Himal range. 

Gyalzen Peak (6151 m)

Gyalzen Peak, situated in Sindhupalchok district 145 km from the capital. It sits on the Nepal-China border. It is recommended for climbers who have a dream of climbing mountains with a small budget and within a short span of time.

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Climbing Permit Cost for Highest Mountain of Nepal 

S.NoPeak NameSpring Autumn Winter / Summer 
1Mount Everest via Normal RouteUSD 11000USD 5500USD 2750
2Mount Everest via Other RouteUSD 11000USD 5000USD 2500
Mount KanchenjungaUSD 1800USD 900USD 450 
4Mount LhotseUSD 1800USD 900USD 450
5Mount MakaluUSD 1800USD 900USD 450
6Mount ManasluUSD 1800USD 900USD 450
7Mount AnnapurnaUSD 1800USD 900USD 450
8Mount DhaulagiriUSD 1800USD 900 USD 450
9Mount Cho OyuUSD 1800USD 900USD 450 

Note: Spring Season (Mar-May), Autumn Season (Sept - Nov), Winter Season (Dec - Feb) and Summer Season (May - Aug)

Mount Everest (8848 m)

Mount Everest is the highest mountain in Nepal. It is also the highest mountain peak in the world. The Everest region is incredibly beautiful and one of the world's most exciting places. The immense popularity of the trek has led to the commercialization of trekking journeys and the overall tourism boost in the country. The permit fee for climbing Mount Everest is $11000 Per Person (Spring Season). 

Mount Kanchenjunga (8586 m)

Mount Kanchenjunga is the third tallest mountain in the world and is just 125 kilometers away from Everest. In the massif, there are five famous peaks named by the local people "Five Treasures of Snow." The climbing permit for Mount Kanchenjunga will be issued at a 50% discount. 

Mount Dhaulagiri (8167 m)

Mount Dhaulagiri is the sixth highest mountain in Nepal. The word Dhaulagiri consists of two words “Dhawala” means “dazzling or beautiful” and “Giri” means “mountain” in the local language. The permit to Mount Dhaulagiri will be issued at a 50% discount. 

Other Eight-thousanders Mountain

The other eight-thousanders mountain includes Makalu, Lhotse, Manaslu, and Annapurna. The climbing permit fee is $1800 per person in Spring Season, $900 in Autumn Season and $450 in Winter & Summer Season. 

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