• Apr 27, 2020
  • Rupak Parajuli

With Visit Nepal 2020 underway, the entire nation opens itself up for you to cherish and enjoy. Get ready for a lifetime of memories when you visit the beautiful and mystic land of Nepal in 2020.

Visit Nepal seeks to reintroduce the world to Nepal’s breathtaking peaks, a vivid culture, and warm people. While it may come up as small and easy to miss within an atlas, Nepal within its small territory encompasses a massive portfolio of wilderness, culture, heritage and scenic destinations. A mixed bag of sorts, here's what you should add to your checklist when you come by the nation of mountains

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Meeting with Living Goddess - Kumari

6 September 2017: Chariot of living goddess Kumari pulled by the local passing through Basantapur... by Rikesh Shakya on 500px.com

With a strong mix of all ethnicities, there’s always something going around in Nepal. Plan your trip at the right time and you might just happen to meet the living Goddess Kumari in her massive chariot during the festive week of Indra Jatra or perhaps enjoys partying with holy colors during the day of Holi.

Getting to Know Nature

Monks praying in the morning by Baia Dzagnidze on 500px.com

While the rest of the world surrounds itself with concrete jungles, Nepal offers you a rejuvenating recluse from the daily humdrum of the city. Escape to the green jungles of Chitwan or the peaceful plains of Lumbini. Find yourself at peace as you bathe with elephants or mediate at the birthplace of Budhha.

Climbing Up to the Heavens

Kagbeni by Prakash Bajracharya on 500px.com

In order to truly witness something, your mind will never forget, put on your hiking boots and head towards the glistening snow-covered peaks that Nepal has to offer. Ignite the wanderlust within you and get on a trek to smaller altitudes if you are a novice, or seek to scale the holy grail of all mountains, the fabled Everest if you know climbing like the back of your hand.

Traveling with your Taste Buds

newari khaja set by nilan photography on 500px.com

You aren’t the only one who’s going on a journey when you come to Nepal. With the extraordinary array of different cuisines that stem from the different ethnicities in Nepal, your taste buds are bound to discover flavors you didn’t know existed. From “s:wo” (a Newari dish made by cooking the lungs of a buffalo) to Ghongi ( the Tharu community’s take on escargot), Nepal will certainly have something that excites your palate.

Discovering the Old City

Nepalese potter,Bhaktapur Nepal by Saravut Whanset on 500px.com

The word “city” doesn’t uphold the same paradigms as the rest of the world. While there is a portion of the Nepali city that carries mundane offices and suburban homes, there also lies a more ancient and more rustic part of the city that connects its people with their ancestors. Explore the alleyways of these old town roads and take some time to connect with the people who make the place what it is. Grab a cup of local tea with a potter in Bhaktapur or live the Nepali life at a homestay in Ghalegaun, experience Nepal in its rawest form.

Taking a Souvenirs from Nepal Back

A Souvenir Maker by Hrvoje Simich on 500px.com

A good part of Nepal is fueled by local artisans and old family trades. Be it a tea farmer in the tea gardens of Ilam or a simply carver etching intricate patterns into a piece of stone; take Souvenirs from Nepal back home to your loved one a small memento that’s unique to this land. While simply a small souvenir here, it’ll be a living memory of the experiences you had and the people you meet in your brief stay at the nation below the mountains.

Lastly, Visit Nepal 2020 brings to you Nepal in its truest form. Known for our vivid culture paired alongside our hospitality, Nepal is a place that has something for everyone. Whether you seek to view the purest of sunrises from mountaintops, or a foodie trying to find something they’ve never sought before, or just a simple family seeking to enjoy some quality time with one another. While small geographically, Nepal is certainly something that is more than what meets the eye. Come over this year to the land below the mountains to have an experience of a lifetime.

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